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page 3Bukharin, O.V., Perunova, N.B., Ivanova, E.V., Andryuschenko, S.V.
Intermicrobial self-non-self discrimination in dominant-associant pair of probiotic strains of Escherichia coli M-17 and E. coli LEGM-18

page 9Cheknev, S.B., Vostrova, E.I., Sarycheva, M.A., Vostrov, A.V.
Inhibition of growth of bacteria in Staphylococcus aureus and Pseudomonas aeruginosa cultures by copper and zinc cations, applied at physiological concentrations

page 19Buravtseva, N.P., Antyuganov, S.N., Semenko, O.V., Ryazanova, A.G., Eremenko, E.I., Kulichenko, A.N., Mezentsev, V.M.
Epizootological and epidemiological zoning of the territory of North Caucasus Federal Region by a degree of non-welfare by anthrax using Arc GIS10 program

page 24Mochalkin, P.A., Mochalkin, A.P., Stepanov, E.G., Farvazova, L.A., Popov, N.V.
Epidemiological differentiation of natural foci of hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome of the Republic of Bashkortostan

page 31Kurbonov, K.M., Satorov, S.S., Simonova, E.G., Filatov, N.N.
Contemporary epizootological and epidemiological features of brucellosis in the Republic of Tajikistan

page 37Karavaev, V.S., Oleinikova, E.S., Azaev, M.Sh., Beklemishev, A.B.
Immunochemical analysis of recombinant chimeric polypeptide OspCgar+afz of Borrelia garinii and B. afzelii isolates

page 44Pechelyulko, A.A., Tarakanova, Yu.N., Dmitriev, A.D., Massino, Yu.S., Segal, O.L., Lavrov, V.F., Dmitriev, D.A.
Analysis of effectiveness of using IgY from chicken in sandwich method of HBsAg testing

page 51Sorokina, E.V., Akhmatova, N.K., Skhodova, S.A., Chalaya, E.L., Masyukova, S.A.
Effectiveness of application of combined therapy of early erythema stage of Lyme disease taking into consideration immunogenesis features

page 57Chuchalin, A.G., Onischenko, G.G., Kolosov, V.P., Kurganova, O.P., Tezikov, N.L., Manakov, L.G., Perelman, Yu.M.
Clinical and epidemiological assessment of the effectiveness of vaccination of children against pneumococcal infection in the Amur region

page 64Mikhailov, M.I., Malinnikova, E.Yu., Kyuregyan, K.K., Isaeva, O.V.
A case of import of genotype 4 hepatitis E virus into Russia

page 70Panferova, Yu.A., Freilikhman, O.A., Tokarevich, N.K., Karpenko, S.F., Galimzyanov, Kh.M.
Comparison of diagnostic effectiveness of methods of detection of Coxiella burnetii in blood of patients with Q fever based on amplification of 16S rRNA gene fragments (standard PCR) and groEL gene (real-time PCR)

page 74Popova, A.Yu., Kulichenko, A.N., Maletskaya, O.V., Dubyansky, V.M., Ryazanova, and others
Procurement of sanitary and epidemiological welfare in the region of city-resort Sochi for dangerous and natural-foci infectious diseases in 2015

page 81Sofronov, A.G., Zueva, L.P., Aslanov, B.I., Dardynskaya, I.V., Weine, S., Dobrovolskaya, A.E., Chaschin, M.V., Dardynsky, O.A., Chaschin, V.P.
Multi-level evaluation of biosocial risk factors of HIV-infection among migrant workers


page 88Titova, S.V., Alekseeva, L.P., Andrusenko, I.T.
Role of biofilms in survival and preservation of virulence of cholera vibrios in the environment and human organism

page 97Kharseeva, G.G., Voronina, N.A.
Pathogenicity factors of Corynebacterium non diphtheriae

page 104Tynyanova, V.I., Zyuzina, V.P., Demidova, G.V., Sokolova, E.P.
Specificity of immune modulating effect of Yersinia pestis endotoxin

page 113Ghendon, Yu.Z.
Possibility of influenza pandemic prediction

page 120Popova, A.Yu., Toporkov, A.V., Lipnitsky, A.V., Polovets, N.V., Viktorov, D.V.
Spread of especially dangerous mycoses in the world

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