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Original Articles

page 3Tuigunov, M.M., Gashimova, D.T., Akhtareeva, A.A., Gabidullin, Yu.Z., Bulgakov, A.K., Davletshina, G.K., Idiatullina, G.A.
Morpho-functional characteristic of enterobacteria adhesive activity

page 7Tartakovsky, I.S., Karpova, T.I., Gruzdeva, O.A., Marinenko, O.V., Dronina, Yu.E.
Effect of temperature on the viability of plankton cells and model Legionella pneumophila biofilms in water

page 12Briko, N.I., Mindlina, A.Ya., Polibin, R.V.
Universality of changes in epidemic process manifestations of anthroponosis infections in recent decades

page 20Vaneeva, N.P., Yastrebova, N.E.
Specific immune response to certain capsule polysaccharides of Streptococcus pneumoniae in healthy blood donors and individuals immunized with pneumococcal vaccines

page 27Markushin, S.G., Tsfasmann, T.M., Terekhov, A.V., Lisovskaya, K.V., Akopova, I.I.
Cold-adapted A/Krasnodar/101/35/59 (H2N2) strain a promising strain-donor of attenuation for procuration of live influenza vaccines

page 32Falynskova, I.N., Leonova, E.I., Fedyakina, I.T., Makhmudova, N.R., Lepekha, L.N., Mikhailova, N.A., Rasnetsov, L.D., Zverev, V.V., Leneva, I.A.
Effectiveness of fullerene-(tris-aminocapronic acid) hydrate in the model of experimental viral-bacterial pneumonia of mice

page 39Nagieva, F.G., Barkova, E.P., Fedotov, A.Yu., Gaiderova, L.A., Lisakov, A.N., Nochevny, V.T.
A perspective cultural model for control of biological activity of human interferons

page 44Gorelnikova, E.A., Karpunina, L.V.
Effect of lactobacilli exopolysaccharides on phagocyte and cytokine activity in vitro and in animal organism during infectious process modeling

page 50Yatsyshina, S.B., Ageeva, M.R., Vorobieva,N.S., Valdokhina, A.V., Elkina, M.A., Gorelov, A.V., Maleev, V.V., Pokrovsky, V.I.
Adenoviruses in the etiological structure of acute respiratory viral infection in Moscow in 2004 2014

page 58Kruglov, I.V.
Study of humoral immune response features based on modelling of antigen determinants of hepatitis virus by synthetic peptides and genetically engineered polypeptides

page 64Didenko, L.V., Avtandilov, G.A., Smirnova, T.A., Shevlyagina, N.V., Tsarev, V.N., Lebedenko, I.Yu., Elinson, V.M., Tiganova, I.G., Romanova, Yu.M., Ippolitov, O.V.
Study of colonization processes and persistence of microorganisms in artificial materials for medical use

page 70Kukushkin, V.I., Satusheva, E.V., Aleksandrov, M.T., Morozova, O.A., Pashkov, E.P., Ambartsumyan, O.A., Amosova, V.A.
Use of laser Raman-luminescent technologies for evaluation of quality of meat products and determination of the degree of their bacterial contamination

Shot Communications

page 76Vakarina, A.A., Kataeva, L.V., Karpukhina, N.F.
Rational aspects of bacteriophages use


page 80Efremenko, V.I.
Effect of intact bionanostructures liposomes on biochemical and immunological status of the organism

page 88Chernikova, M.I., Vasiliev, Yu.M.
Adjuvanted influenza vaccines: data from direct comparative studies

page 103Petrov, A.A., Lebedev, V.N., Kulish, V.S., Pyshnaya, N.S., Stovba, L.F., Borisevich, S.V.
Epidemiologic analysis of outbreaks of diseases caused by American equine encephalitis causative agents in endemic regions

page 111Filippenko, A.V., Omelchenko, N.D., Ivanova, I.A., Bespalova, I.A., Doroshenko, E.P., Galicheva, A.L.
Some aspects of non-specific prophylaxis and therapy of especially dangerous infections

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