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Fundamental studies on the problem of persist. and symbiosis of microorgani

page 4Bukharin, O.V.
Infectious symbiology

page 9Gladysheva, I.V., Cherkasov, S.V.
The role of biological properties of corynebacteria in associative symbiosis

page 17Sycheva, M.V., Kartashova, O.L.
Biological properties of enterococci of various origins

page 22Vasilchenko, A.S., Rogozhin, E.A., Valyshev, A.V.
Biological activity of antimicrobial peptides of Enterococcus faecium

page 26Timokhina, T.Kh., Bukharin, O.V., Nikolenko, M.V., Paromova, Ya.I., Perunova, N.B.
Regulating effect of associative microbiota on the rhythms of biological properties of fungi and bacteria

page 30Nikolenko, M.V., Timokhina, T.Kh., Paromova, Ya.I.
Effect of fluconazole on temporal organization of biological properties of andida albicans

page 35Utkina, T.M., Popova, L.P., Kartashova, O.L., Khazeeva, G.D., Khaliullina, A.A.
Phenotypical characteristics and genetical determinants of pathogenicity of Staphylococcus aureus, isolated from bacterial carriers, residing on the territories with various levels of anthropogenic pollution of air environment

page 40Schuplova, E.A., Fadeev, S.B., Bukharin, O.V.
Intra-erythrocyte invasion of Escherichia coli strains with various levels of anti-hemoglobin activity in experiment

page 45Andryuschenko, S.V., Perunova, N.B.
Acid-base modulation of lysozyme activity in medium for cultivation of enterobacteria

page 49Nemtseva, N.V.
Hydrobiocenoses a model system of associative symbiosis

page 55Kostyukova, N.N., Bekhalo, V.A.
Pneumococcal biofilms as a form of persistence: formation, structure, role in pathogenesis, immune response

page 63Miller, G.G., Mukhachev, A.Y., Bykovsky, A.F.
Interconnection between cell microvesicular transport and pathogens persistence in vitro and in vivo

Clinical Aspects of Problem Microbial Persistence

page 71Troshina, N.A., Dolgushin, I.I., Dolgushina, V.F., Bakhareva, L.I., Kurnosenko, I.V., Nadvikova, T.V.
Effect of longidaze on microbial landscape of cervical canal and uterine cavity during therapy of women with chronic nonspecific endometritis and uterus myoma

page 75Kremleva, E.A., Sgibnev, A.V., Cherkasov, S.V.
Effect of microsymbionts on the ability of vaginal epitheliocytes to modify biological properties of bacteria

page 80Ageichenko, A.V., Kalutsky, P.V., Medvedeva, O.A., Korolev, V.A.
Effect of polycomponent probiotics on the composition of colon microbiocenosis during experimental dysbiosis

page 84Ageichenko, A.V., Kalutsky, P.V., Medvedeva, O.A., Korolev, V.A.
Changes in colon microbiocenosis composition and antioxidant properties of colonocytes under the condition of experimental dysbiosis and emoxipin prophylaxis

page 89Bukharin, O.V., Ivanova, E.V., Perunova, N.B., Chainikova, I.N., Nikoforov, I.A., Bondarenko, T.A.
Immune regulatory properties of bifidobacteria metabolites during eubiosis and dysbiosis of the human colon

page 96Burmistrova, A.L., Evdokimov, A.V., Stashkevich, D.S., Filippova, Yu.Yu., Suslova, T.A.
Distribution of two-locus haplotypes of microbial component sensor genes TLR1 and TLR6 in major populations of South Urals

page 101Barkhatova, O.I., Levina, G.A., Rakovskaya, I.V., Mulabaev, N.S., Gamova, N.A., Tolordava, E.R., Romanova, Yu.M.
Persistence of mycoplasma during urolithiasis

page 106Belaya, Yu.A., Belaya, O.F., Petrukhin, V.G., Vakhrameeva, M.S., Bystrova, S.M., Pronin, A.V.
Immunologic monitoring of Helicobacter pylori persistence in the organism

page 112Narovlyansky, A.N., Sedov, A.M., Pronin, A.V., Shulzhenko, A.E., Sanin, A.V., Zuikova, I.N., Schubelko, R.V., Savchenko, A.Yu., Parfenova, T.M., Izmestieva, A.V., Izmestieva, An.V., Grigorieva, E.A., Suprun, O.V., Zubashev, I.K., Kozlov, V.S.
Treatment of patients with chronic recurrent herpes virus infection of genital localization: a clinical study of fortepren preparation

page 118Tarasevich, I.V., Shpynov, S.N., Pantyukhina, A.N.
Brill-Zinser disease as a consequence of Rickettsia prowazekii persistence in previously ill who have had epidemic typhus (epidemiologic aspects)

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