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page 3Tsimbalistova, M.V., Pavlovich, N.V.
Features of resistance formation to β-lactam antibiotics in Francisella tularensis subsp. mediasiatica

Vaccinology and Vaccinoproplylaxis

page 9Onischenko, G.G., Ezhlova, E.B., Melnikova, A.A.
Actual problems of vaccine prophylaxis in the Russian Federation

page 20Zaitsev, E.M., Poddubikov, A.V., Britsina, M.V., Mertsalova, N.U., Ozeretskovskaya, M.N., Bazhanova, I.G., Plekhanova, N.G.
Immunobiological properties of Bordetella pertussis lipopolysaccharide in the acellular pertussis vaccine

page 24Akhmatov, E.A., Utkina, N.P., Ilinykh, E.A., Sorokina, E.A., Marakasova, E.S., Kurbatova, E.A., Lebedinskaya, O.V., Akhmatova, N.K.
Influence of various bacterial ligand application methods on cytokine expression

Experimental and Clinical Immunology

page 30Soldatenkova, A.V., Yakovleva, I.V., Gavrilova, N.V., Mikhailova, N.A., Sviridov, V.V.
Production and properties evaluation of monoclonal antibodies against Pseudomonas aeruginosa exotoxin A

page 36Sorokina, E.V., Akhmatova, N.K., Khomenkov, V.G.
Features of dynamics of sera cytokines in patients with erythema multiforme during immunotherapy

Research of methods

page 41Mironov, K.O., Platonov, A.E., Dunaeva, E.A., Kuseva, V.I., Shipulin, G.A.
Real-time PCR procedure for determination of Streptococcus pneumoniae serotypes

page 48Makarov, O.V., Khashukoeva, A.Z., Svitich, O.A., Markova, E.A., Khlynova, S.A., Labzhinov, P.A., Zverev, V.V.
Anti-herpetic effect of photodynamic action in an in vitro experiment

Shot Communications

page 55Semenov, A.V., Vlasova, I.A., Ostankova, Yu.V., Totolyan, Areg A.
Quantitative determination of HBsAg in blood sera and hepatitis B virus covalently closed circular DNA in liver tissue as markers of chronic viral hepatitis B activity

page 61Malygina, O.G., Bazhukova, T.A.
Influence of antibiotics on formation of microecology in premature children with low and extremely low body weight at birth


page 66Shestopalov, N.V., Shandala, M.G.
Disinfectology as molecular-epidemiologic direction of infection control

Procuring protection from a biologial threat during mass events

page 70Onischenko, G.G., Kulichenko, A.N., Zaitseva, O.A., Efremenko, D.V.
Experience of Olympic host-countries in procuring protection from a biological threat

page 76Kulichenko, A.N., Efremenko, D.V., Kuznetsova, I.V., Zaitseva, O.A.
Operation preparedness of specialized anti-epidemic brigades during mass events

page 80Efremenko, D.V., Zaitseva, O.A., Kuznetsova, I.V., Kulichenko, A.N.
Post of atmospheric air control for the presence of pathogenic biological agents and its significance in the system of biological threat counteraction

page 85Dubyansky, V.M., Kulichenko, A.N., Semenko, O.V., Maletskaya, O.V., Mezentsev, V.M
Improvement of epidemiologic control of infectious diseases by using geoinformational systems


page 91Kozlov, V.G., Ozherelkov, S.V., Sanin, A.V., Kozhevnikova, T.N.
Adjuvants in modern medicine and veterinary

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