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page 3Dmitrenko,O.A., Sidorenko,S.V., Zhukhovitsky,V.G., Terekhova,R.V., Karabak,V.I., Tarasevich,N.N., Vasilyeva,E.I., Prokhorov,V.Ya.
Comparative effectiveness of typing Staphylococcus aureus methicillin resistant strains, isolated in Moscow hospitals, with the use of three collections of bacteriophages

page 10Menshikov,D.D., Astafyeva,R.F., Kurilin,B.L., Grunenkova,I.V., Lashenkova,N.N., Kuprikov,S.V., Menshikova,E.D., Vasilyev,V.A.
Monitoring the infective agents of purulent septic diseases in an emergency hospital

page 14Savitskaya,K.I., Melnikova,E.F., Vorobyev,A.A., Zagalskaya,N.V.
Biliary microflora of patients with chronic pancreatitis

page 17Kashuba,E.A., Podkletnova,L.F., Stepanova,T.F., Chebysheva,E.V.
Functioning of opisthorchiasis tuberculosis parasitocenosis at different stages of invasion (experimental investigation)


page 23Rashidova,R.A., Yuldashev,K.Kh., Valiev,A.G.
Epidemiological characterization of acute and chronic hepatitis B in Uzbekistan

page 26Zakirov,I.G.
Liver cirrhosis and cancer associated with viral hepatitis B and C in the Republic of Tatarstan

Molecular Epidemiology

page 29Beletskaya,T.S., Feldman,E.V., Samoilovich,E.O., Scheslenok,E.P., Kapustik,L.A.
Molecular biological monitoring of the polioviruses circulation in Belarus

Vaccinology and Vaccinoproplylaxis

page 36Osipova,G.L.
Polycomponent vaccine -4 in the therapy of allergic diseases

page 43Moskalenko,E.P., Kharseeva,G.G., Sylka,O.I., Fedoruk,S.I.
Immune response in adults immunized with adsorbed DT-toxoid with reduced antigen content and Imovax-DT-adulte vaccine

page 47Ogarkov,P.I., Demidovich,V.U., Shappo,V.V., Melnichenko,P.I.
Vaccinal prophylaxis of viral hepatitis A in servicemen of the Far Eastern Military District

Experimental and Clinical Immunology

page 51Tikhomirova,E.I., Zadnova,S.P., Volokh,O.A., Karpunina,L.V., Shcherbakov,A.A.
Lectin of Yersinia pestis vaccine strain EV and the study of its immunobiological properties

Laboratory diagnostics of legionellosis

page 55Veselov,S.Yu., Khaibullina,S.F., Morzunov,S.P., Khasanova,S.S., Li,L.E., Garipova,M.I., Klimchuk,L.A., Speransky,E.V., Kulagin,V.F., Magazov,R.Sh.
Early diagnostics of haemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome on the basis of the use of Pumala virus recombinant nucleocapsid protein

Microecology and Therapy

page 60Vorobyev,A.A., Nesvizhsky,Yu.V., Lipnitsky,E.M., Allenov,M.N., Bogdanova,E.A., Korneev,M.L.
Study of the parietal microflora of human intestine

Infectious Diseases

page 64Maksimov,S.L., Yushchuk,N.D., Roslyi,I.M., Kravchenko,A.V., Danilova,T.V.
Experience of using Neovir for the treatment of acute viral hepatitis C

Shot Communications

page 68Gamzulina,L.N., Filatova,T.N.
Antibodies to meningococcal iron-regulated protein FbpA and minor proteins in the sera of patients with meningococcal meningitis

page 70Kurashvili,B.A., Dgebuadze,I.Sh.
Epidemiological and immunological monitoring of tetanus in Georgia

page 72Pan,I.R., Matveeva,L.A., Fedorova,T.S.
Disturbances in some characteristics of immune processes on the mucous membranes of the respiratory tracts in bronchopulmonary diseases in children

page 74Blinkova,L.P., Butova,L.G., Sergeev,V.V., Elkina,S.I., Altshuler,M.L., Kalina,N.G.
Evaluation of the effectiveness of the enteral use of Tomicid in experimental infection

page 78Slobodenyuk,A.V., Grigoryeva,Yu.V., Pashnina, N.Ya.
Mechanisms of the protective action of phytopreparation Erakond in influenza

Problem-Solving Papers and Reviews

page 80Kuzikov,A.N., Bondarenko,V.M., Latkin,A.T.
Use of the bioluminescent method for the determination of bacterial adenosine triphosphate (ATP-metry) in microbiolody

page 90Kazennova,E.V., Bobkov,A.F.
Sybtypies of human immunodeficiency virus, type 1: the classification, the origin and spread in the Europe

page 96Ziatdinov,V.B.
Specific features of the epidemiology of modern cholera

Practical Notes

page 103Nafeev,A.A., Korobeinikova,A.S., Briginevich,Z.V., Sibaeva,E.I., Nikishina,N.M.
Tularemia infection in non-active natural foci

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