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Fundamental Research on Problem Microbial Persiste

page 4Bukharin, O.V.
From persistence to symbiosis of microorganisms

page 9Nesterenko, L.N., Kobets, N.V., Balunets, D.V.
Model of chronic salmonellosis: parameters of infection and immune response in inbred mice genetically variable in susceptibility to salmonellosis

page 15Yurov, D.S., Varfolomeev, A.F., Tukhvatulin, A.I., Logunov, D.Yu., Naroditsky, B.S., Ermolaeva, S.A.
Contribution of L,D-carboxypeptidases in virulence of facultative intracellular pathogenic bacteria Listeria monocytogenes

page 20Kobets, N.V., Koroleva, E.A., Zigangirova, N.A.
Characteristic of early mucosal immune response in mice during intravaginal infection caused by Chlamydia muridarum

page 26Fedina, E.D., Kolkova, N.I., Koroleva, E.A., Shabalina, L.A., Grabko, V.I., Zigangirova, N.A.
Influence of Chlamydia trachomatis type III secretion system on regulation of cytokine response

page 33Ermolaeva, S.A., Sysolyatina, E.V., Kolkova, N.I., Drobyaschenko, M.A., Vasiliev, M.M., Tukhvatulin, A.I., Petrov, O.F., Naroditsky, B.S., Morfill, G.E., Fortov, V.E., Grigoriev, A.I., Zigangirova, N.A., Gintsburg, A.L.
New approaches to therapy of persistent infections: elimination of intracellular Chlamydia trachomatis by exposure to low temperature argon plasma

page 37Kapustina, O.A., Chainikova, I.N., Kartashova, O.L.
Species characteristic and persistent factors of Candida genus fungi isolated from various biotopes during infectious-inflammation diseases and intestine dysbiosis

page 41Valyshev, A.V., Gertsen, N.V.
Pathogenicity factors of enterococci of human intestine microflora

page 44Valysheva, I.V.
Genetic characteristic of virulent potential of enterococci of human intestine microbiota

page 45Bukharin, O.V., Sgibnev, A.V.
Influence of corynebacteria metabolites on antagonistic activity of H2O2 producing lactobacilli

page 51Bukharin, O.V., Perunova, N.B., Ivanova, E.V.
Interaction of Bifidobacterium bifidum with members of normal microflora in human intestine microsymbiocenosis

page 56Tolordava, E.R., Tiganova, I.G., Alekseeva, N.V., Stepanova, T.V., Terekhov, A.A., Egamberdiev, D.K., Mulabaev, N.S., Shevlyagina, N.V., Didenko, L.V., Romanova, Yu.M.
Renal calculus microflora in urolithiasis and search for agents of control of biofilms formed by uropathogenic bacteria

page 62Selivanova, E.A., Nemtseva, N.V.
Persistent properties of microorganisms inhabiting highly mineralized water bodies

page 66Zhurlov, O.S., Perunova, N.B., Ivanova, E.V., Egorova, O.S.
Influence of antimicrobial peptides of human thrombocytes on Staphylococcus aureus biofilm formation

page 70Nemtseva, N.V.
Significance of hydrobiont persistent properties for symbiotic interactions

page 76Dronina, Yu.E., Karpova, T.I., Sadretdinova, O.V., Didenko, L.V., Tartakovsky, I.S.
Features of legionella biofilm formation in artificial and natural water systems

Clinical Aspects of Problem Microbial Persistence

page 81Bondarenko, V.M., Likhoded, V.G.
Persistence of biologically active components of gastrointestinal tract microflora

page 88Goncharov, D.B., Gubareva, E.V., Kobets, N.V., Domonova, E.A., Ievleva, E.S.
Toxoplasmosis in HIV infection: invasion reactivation criteria

page 93Chernukha, M.Yu., Shaginyan, I.A., Kapranov, N.I., Alekseeva, G.V., Kashirskaya, N.Yu., Avetisyan, L.R., Semykin, S.Yu., Danilina, G.A., Polikarpova, S.V., Pivkina, N.V.
Burkholderia cepacia persistence in mucoviscidosis patients

page 99Avetisyan, L.R., Voronina, O.L., Chernukha, M.Yu., Kunda, M.S., Gabrielyan, N.I., Lunin, V.G., Shaginyan, I.A.
Persistence of Pseudomonas aeruginosa strains in patients of Federal Scientific Center of Transplantology and Artificial Organs

page 104Levina, G.A., Barkhatova, O.I., Gorina, L.G., Gamova, N.A., Goncharova, S.A., Miller, G.G., Raskova, T.M., Rastegaeva, I.N., Seliverstova, N.A., Rakovskaya, I.V.
Unusual forms of persistence of Mycoplasma hominis in organism of infected humans

page 109Burmistrova, A.L., Filippova, Yu.Yu., Ugnivenko, M.I., Nokhrin, D.Yu., Koneva, E.P., Bakhareva, L.I.
Destabilization of homeostasis of organism of burn patients as a marker of sepsis development, its complications and outcome

page 114Kremleva, E.A., Cherkasov, S.V.
Production of cytokines by vaginal epitheliocytes in the process of interaction with dominant and associative microsymbionts

page 118Telesheva, L.F., Dolgushina, V.F., Abramovskikh, O.S., Zotova, M.A., Mezentseva, E.A., Orner, I.Yu., Baturina, I.L., Akhmatova, A.N.
Cytokine status of cervical mucus in women with transitory and persistent course of papillomavirus infection

page 121Rybalkina, T.N., Kharazhas, N.V., Kalugina, M.Yu., Boshyan, R.E., Kornienko, M.N., Adgamov, R.R., Feklisova, L.V., Khadisova, M.K., Lebedeva, T.M.
Role of opportunistic infection causative agent in etiology of obstructive bronchitis and prolonged subfebrility in children

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