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page 3Menshikova, E.D., Kiselevskaya-Babinina, I.V., Menshikov, D.D., Godkov, M.A.
Taxonomic characteristics and mixed communities of wound infection agents in patients of reanimation and surgical departments of a hospital

page 10Chebotar, I.V., Konchakova, E.D., Evteeva, N.I.
Neutrophil dependent breakdown of biofilms formed by Staphylococcus aureus

page 16Karimova, T.V., Bogumilchik, E.A., Voskresenskaya, E.A., Klimov, V.T., Tseneva, G.Ya., Chesnokova, M.V., Ivanov, L.I., Poutonen, T.B., Vasilyeva, A.V., Gromova, T.V.
Molecular-biological characteristic of Yersinia enterocolitica circulating in various regions of Russian Federation


page 21Samoylovich, E.O., Ermolovich, M.A., Semeyko, G.V., Svirchevskaya, E.Yu., Ignatyev, G.M
Monitoring of implementation of international programs of poliomyelitis eradication and measles and rubella elimination in the Republic of Belarus

Vaccinology and Vaccinoproplylaxis

page 30Terkacheva, O.A., Kostinov, M.P., Zhirova, S.N., Cherdantsev, A.P.
Dynamics of cytokine production in adults after administration of influenza vaccine from /California/7/2009 (H1N1) strain

Experimental and Clinical Immunology

page 35Ospelnikova, T.P., Konischeva, A.Yu., Mazurina, S.A., Lizogub, N.V., Osipova, V.V.
Evaluation of the interferon system and major cytokines in patients with bronchial asthma

Microecology and Therapy

page 41Sukhina, M.A., Burgasova, O.A., Zhukhovitsky, V.G., Yuschuk, N.D.
Antagonistic activity of lactobacilli of the colon

page 49Medvedeva, O.A., Kalutsky, P.V., Besedin, A.V., Zhilyaeva, L.V., Ostap, E.V., Ivanov, A.V., Medvedeva, S.K.
Study of the state of parietal microflora and wall of the large intestine of mice under the influence of anomalous magnetic field

Laboratory diagnostics

page 54Budchenko, A.A., Mazurova, I.Yu., Ilyukhin, V.I.
Study of extracellular antigens by immunodiffusion methods in differentiation of pathogenic burkholderiae

page 60Domonova, E.A., Shipulina, O.Yu., Kuevda, D.A., Larichev, V.F., Safonova, A.P., Burchik, M.A., Butenko, A.M., Shipulin, G.A.
Detection of rubella virus RNA in clinical material by real time polymerase chain reaction method

page 68Kuzin, S.N., Zabotina, E.E., Zabelin, N.N., Kudryavtseva, E.N., Samokhvalov, E.I., Borisova, O.V., Manina, T.A., Lisitsina, E.V., Kuzina, L.E., Malyshev, N.A., Lavrov, V.F.
Heterogeneity of hepatitis B virus and diagnostic potential of modern test systems for the detection of HBsAg

Shot Communications

page 76Bugorkova, S.A., Emelina, D.G.
Morphometric characteristics of tularemia infectious process in the organism of immunized guinea pigs

page 80Gankovskaya, O.A., Gankovskaya, L.V., Kovalchuk, L.V., Chereshneva, M.V., Gavrilova, T.V., Zverev, V.V.
Changes in expression level of TLR9 and BD-2 genes in cornea of mice with viral keratitis

page 83Svarval, A.V., Ferman, R.S., Zhebrun, A.B.
Analysis of Helicobacter pylori infection prevalence in children in the contemporary period

page 89Ilyin, M.V., Maltseva, P.A., Rozanov, D.V., Volkova, A.S., Khrustalev A.O.
Changes in oxidative stress and apoptosis parameters of neutrophils in rheumatoid diseases

Problem-Solving Papers and Reviews

page 93Mayansky, A.N., Chebotar, I.V., Evteeva, N.I., Rudneva, E.I.
Interspecies interaction of bacteria and the formation of mixed (polymicrobial) biofilm

page 101Markin, V.A., Pantyukhov, V.B., Markov, V.I., Bondarev, V.P.
Hantapulmonary syndrome

page 107Kubar, O.I., Asatryan, A.Zh.
Ethical principles of management and planning during influenza pandemic

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