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page 3Dmitrieva, N.F., Trofimov, D.Yu., Eshchina, A.S., Ryapis, L.A., Pavlova, O.G., Petrova, T.V., Skorkina, Yu.A., Gerasimov, A.N., Alekseev, L.P., Zhuravlev, M.V., Briko, N.I.
Detection rate of genes speABC in Streptococcus pyogenes strains and the identification of the infective agent by polymerase chain reaction

page 7Menshikova, E.A., Podosinnikova, L.S., Mironova, A.V., Salnikova, O.I.
Hemolytic activity and toxigenicity of Vibrio cholerae of different serogroups

page 11Blinkova, L.P., Gorobets, O.B., Baturo, A.P.
Detection of biologically active substances with antagonistic and simulation activity in Spirulina platensis

Ecology of Microorganisms

page 15Sokolenko, A.V., Kagramanov, V.S., Aseeva, L.E., Bursha, O.S., Sayamov, S.R.
Morphology and enzyme activity of uncultivable forms of Vibrio cholerae


page 21Makarov, V.V., Dzhupina, S.I., Vedernikov, V.A., Zavodskikh, A.V., Afonin, V.N.
Epizootological characteristic of rabies today

page 25Prometnoi, V.K., Golubev, B.P., Moskvitina, E.A.
Sanitary control of the territory: data bases on the spread of some quarantine infections

Vaccinology and Vaccinoproplylaxis

page 29Egorova, N.B., Semenov, B.F., Kurbatova, E.A., Yastrebova, N.E., Poddubikov, A.V., Efremova, V.N., Semenova, I.B.
Dynamics of autoantibodies in elderly persons in the process of immunization with Grippol and polycomponent vaccine B-4

Experimental and Clinical Immunology

page 35Khvatov, V.B., Bitkova, E.E., Astafyeva, R.F., Androsova, M.V., Menshikova, E.D., Godkov, M.A., Menshikov, D.D.
Comparative population study of the etiological role of causative agents of purulent inflammatory diseases and serum antibodies to antigens of opportunistic microorganisms

page 40Kovalchuk, L.V., Pavlyuk, A.S.
Human immunoregulating (suppressing?) T lymphocytes CD4+, CD25+ ex vivo and in vivo in the normal state and in pathology

Microecology and Therapy

page 45Bukharin, O.V., Valyshev, A.V., Perunova, N.B., Chelpachenko, O.E., Mironova, A.R., Tarasevich, A.V.
Bacterial-fungal associations in the intestine under the conditions of colonization by yeast-like fungi of the genus Candida

page 48Levanova, L.A., Aleshkin, V.A., Vorobyev, A.A., Afanasyev, S.S., Surikova, E.V., Rubalsky, O.V., Aleshkin, A.V.
Specific biological features of opportunistic bacteria determining dysbiotic disturbances in the composition of the large intestine normal microflora

Laboratory diagnostics of legionellosis

page 53Dolgikh, T.I., Nazarova, O.I.
Laboratory diagnostics of infections caused by cytomegalovirus and parvovirus B19 in patients with secondary immunodeficiency

page 57Rakovskaya, I.V., Gorina, L.G., Zigangirova, N.A., Goncharova, S.A., Gamova, N.A.
Application of different methods in the diagnosis of respiratory mycoplasmosis

Shot Communications

page 63Gukasian, G.B., Akopian, L.G., Charian, L.M., Alersanian, Yu.T.
Antibiotic properties of Lactobacillus acidophilus, Narine strain, and the ways for their improvement

page 65Kagramanov, V.S., Aseeva, L.E., Goncharov, E.K.
Evaluation of hypoxic state in experimental animals induced by Yersinia pestis antigens

page 67Akhapkina, I.G., Blinkova, L.P., Butova, L.G.
Cultivation of Pseudomonas aeruginosa in media with Chlorella fermentative hydrolysate as nutrient base

page 69Sibgatullina, N.A., Kuzmina, N.S., Rakhmatullina, N.M., Gervazieva, V.B.
Autoantibodies to thyroid gland antigens in chronic relapsing irticaria

page 71Slavko, E.A., Karalnik, B.V., Karabekov, A.Zh., Deryabin, P.N.
Detection of tissue specific antigen-binding lymphocytes in patients with acute enteric infections

page 74Murzabaeva, R.T.
Interferon in patients suffering from hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome

page 76Markina, O.A., Yastrebova, N.E., Volkov, I.K., Stepanian I.E.
Antibodies to cytokeratin-8 in patients with different lung pathology

Problem-Solving Papers and Reviews

page 79Semenov,B.F., Gervazieva, V.B., Sveranovskaya, V.V.
Prevalence and structure of acute respiratory virus infections

page 86Bondarenko, V.M., Mavzyutov., A.R.
Types of secretion and regulation of the functional activity of molecules associated with the pathogenicity of Enterobacteriaceae

page 92Basnakyan, I.A.
Common stressor proteins in bacteria

page 98Efimov, B.A., Volodin, N.N., Kafarskaya, L.I., Korshunov, V.M.
Characteristics of microorganisms colonizing human intestine

page 104Bobkova, M.R.
Possible mechanisms of the reciprocal influence of infections caused by HIV and hepatitis C virus

Shot Communications

page 116Titenko, A.M.
Filovirus hemorrhagic fevers: Ebola fever

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