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page 3Bukharin, O.V., Perunova, N.B., El-Registan, G.I., Nikolaev, Yu.A., Yavnova, S.V., Molostov, E.V., Kirillov, D.A.
Influence of chemical analogue of extracellular microbial autoregulators on antilysozyme activity of bacteria

page 7Shakina, Yu.V., Troshkina, O.A., Petrova, E.E., Salina, E.G., Sorokoumova, G.M., Shvets, V.I., Kaprelyants, A.S., Selishcheva, A.A.
Susceptibility of Mycobacterium smegmatis, grown on the media, contained various carbon substrates, to antituberculosis drugs

page 11Fluer, F.S., Menshikov, D.D., Lazareva, E.B., Prokhorov, V.Ya., Vesnin, A.V.
Influence of various pectins on production of staphylococcal enterotoxins types A and B

page 16Ivanov, D.V., Krapivina, I.V.
Susceptibility and molecular mechanisms of resistance to cephalosporins of Escherichia coli strains isolated from patients with nosocomial infections

Molecular Microbiology

page 20Smirnova, N.I., Osin, A.V., Nefedov, K.S., Kulshan, T.A., Zadnova, S.P., Livanova, L.F., Toporkov, A.V., Kutyrev, V.V.
Prophage φ genome variability and its role in alteration of Vibrio cholerae El Tor virulence characteristics

page 26Tyunnikov, G.I., Yashina, L.N., Seregin, S.V., Ternovoi, V.A., Petrova, I.D., Malkova, E.M., Ustinova, E.N., Nete-sov, S.V., Drozdov, I.G., Petrov, V.S.
Genotyping of rubella virus circulating in Western Siberia of Russia during 2004 2006 epidemic period


page 30Bazhenov, A.I., Konopleva, M.V., Elgort, D.A., Feldsherova, A.A., Budnitskaya, P.Z., Nikitina, N.I., Khats, Yu.S., Godkov, M.A., Suslov, A.P.
Algorithm of serologic screening and assessment of prevalence of serologically meaningful mutations of HBsAg in hepatitis B virus carriers

Vaccinology and Vaccinoproplylaxis

page 40Kiseleva, I.V., Isakova, I.N., Larionova, N.V., Oleinik, E.S., Rudenko, L.G.
Efficacy of production of reassortants between epidemic and cold-adapted influenza viruses in growing chicken embryos and in MDCK cell culture

page 45Tarasova, A.A., Kostinov, M.P., Yastrebova, N.E., Skochilova, T.V.
Effect of vaccination against pneumococcal infection in children with type 1 diabetes mellitus

Experimental and Clinical Immunology

page 50Volkova, L.V., Vorobyeva, N.N., Bondarenko, A.L., Sedelnikova, N.A., Okishev, M.A.
Clinical immunological effect of interferon in cases of influenza

page 54Semenova, I.B., Vorobyev, D.S., Sveshnikov, P.G., Kurbatova, E.A.
Complex of recombinant heat shock protein with lypopolysaccharide induces rapid protection of mice against Salmonella typhimurium and avirulent for humans avian influenza virus H5N2

page 57Lyashenko, V.A., Alexander, S.K., Yuminova, N.V., Mikhailova, A.A., Fonina, L.A.
Enhancement of measles-mumps divaccine using myelopeptide 2 in experiment

page 61Kostinov, M.P., Tarasova, A.A., Zaitsev, E.M.
Contents of antibodies to Bordetella pertussis antigens in patients with rheumatic disease

Shot Communications

page 64Bogdanova, E.A., Nesvizhsky, Yu.V., Gerasimova, E.V., Zverev, V.V.
Substrate phase state and time factor in variability of human fecal microbiota

page 68Lomov, Yu.M., Telesmanich, N.R., Kolyakina, A.V.
Specificity of lectin receptors of cholera vibrios

page 72Zakharova, Yu.A., Nikolaeva, A.M., Feldblum, I.V.
Leading risk factors of development of nosocomial pyogenic and septic infections in maternity hospitals

Problem-Solving Papers and Reviews

page 75Lobzin, Yu.V., Nikitin, V.Yu., Sukhina, I.A., Tsigan, V.N., Mitin, Yu.A.
Immunopathogenesis of viral hepatitis C. Immunological markers of the disease progression

page 84Markin, V.A.
Collections of pathogenic viruses for addressing general biologic problems

page 93Mavzyutov, A.R., Bondarenko, K.R., Bondarenko, V.M.
Bacterial vaginosis: etiopathogenetic aspects

page 100Dmitrieva, N.F., Timofeev, Yu.M., Briko, N.I.
Lipoteichoic and teichoic acids of pathogenic streptococci: structure, functions, and role in interaction of the infectious agent with microorganism

page 108Sveshnikov, P.G., Malaytsev V.V., Kiselev, V.I.
Functions of heat shock proteins in the system of adaptive immunity. Construction of vaccines

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