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3/2006 (Supplement)

page 7Besednova, N.N., Zaporozhets, T.S.
Research results of Institute of Epidemiology and Microbiology of Siberian Branch of RAMS on the problem Immunoactive biopolymers from the Pacific Ocean hydrobionts

Original Papers

page 12Buzoleva, L.S., Somov, G.P., Burtseva, T.I.
Comparative analysis of qualitative and quantitative composition of the amino and organic acids produced into cultural medium by Yersinia pseudotuberculosis at different temperature

page 16Buzoleva, L.S., Somova, L.M., Krivosheeva, A.M., Isachenko, A.S., Somov, G.P.
Use of reserve substances by Yersinia pseudotuberculosis and Listeria monocytogenes bacteria in conditions of starvation at different temperature

page 20Zaytseva, E.A., Somov, G.P.
The influence of temperature on Listeria adhesive properties

page 23Dolmatova, L.S., Shitkova, O.A., Dolmatov, I.Yu., Timchenko, N.F.
Thermostable lethal toxin of Yersinia pseudotuberculosis induces apoptosis and inhibits expression receptors of holothuria immunocytes to lectin

page 28Shubin, F.N., Rakov, A.V., Kuznetsova, N.A., Maslov, D.V., Ananjev, V.Yu.
Structure of Salmonella enteritidis population in the Maritime Territory of Russia on the plasmid analysis data

page 32Kuznetsova, N.A., Shubin F.N., Rakov, A.V., Tarasenko, T.T., Grebenkova, L.K.
Intraannual dynamics of Salmonella infection caused by heterogeneous Salmonella enteritidis population

page 36Rakov, A.V., Shubin, F.N., Kuznetsova, N.A., Ivanis, V.A., Shklyar, G.M.
Comparative analysis of Salmonella enteritidis strains isolated from patients with systemic Salmonella infection

page 39Somova, L.M., Plekhova, N.G., Goncharuk, Yu.N., Drobot, E.I., Okhotina, S.V., Buzoleva, L.S., Zaitseva, E.A., Somov, G.P.
Oxygen-dependent and nitric oxide-dependent enzymic systems of macrophages in Staphylococcus and Listeria infections

page 43Plekhova, N.G., Somova, L.M., Okhotina, S.V., Drobot, E.I., Goncharuk, Yu.N.
The metabolic activity of neutrophils in pseudotuberculosis infection

page 47Besednova, N.N., Mymrikova, E.G., Epshtein, L.M.
Influence of tinrostim and licopid on complement system, circulating immune complexes and phagocytosis in community-acquired pneumonia in drug users patients

page 51Somova, L.M., Besednova, N.N., Pushkareva, T.V., Drobot, E.I., Epshtein, L.M.
The clinical application of tinrostim in experimental pseudotuberculosis infection

page 54Zaporozhets, T.S., Kuznetsova, T.A., Smolina, T.S., Shevchenco, N.M., Zvyagintseva, T.N., Besednova, N.N.
Immunotropic and anticoagulant properties of fucoidan from brown seaweed Fucus evanescens: perspectives of application in medicine

page 58Smolina, T.P., Chernyh, S.V., Gorshkova, R.P., Nazarenko, E.L.
The decrease of adhesion of microorganisms on the uroepitelium cells by polysaccharide isolated from marine proteobacterium Pseudoalteromonas nigrifaciens

page 61Zaytseva, E.A., Fedyanina, L.N., Potapova, V.V., Epshtein L.M.
The influence of salmon soft roe DNA on Listeria monocytogenes adherence properties and survival of mice in experimental listeriosis infection

page 65Fedyanina, L.N., Zaytseva, E.A., Kalenik, T.K.
The study of effectiveness of application of bioactive substance of salmon soft roe DNA in experimental listeriosis infection

page 68Shutikova, A.L., Zaporozhets, T.S., Serebryakova, M.F., Korneeva, N.A., Epshtein, L.M.
The influence of bioactive dietary supplement DNA-C on parameters of cell and humoral immunity of the elderly persons

page 71Pavlinich, S.N., Timchenko, N.F., Kuznetsova, T.A., Epstein, L.M.
Influn of low molecular DNA from salmon milt into soft drinks on the process of expiremental pseudotuberculosis infection

page 74Slonova, R.A., Kushnareva, T.V., Kompanets, G.G., Maksema, I.G., Simonova T.L., Simonov, S.B.
Hantavirus infection in the Maritime Territory of Russia: epidemiological situation in foci of different hantavirus serotypes circulation

page 78Yashina, L.N.
Genetic characterization of hantaviruses circulating in the Maritime Territory of Russia

page 81Simonova, T.L., Kushnareva, T.V., Simonov, S.B., Kompanets, G.G., Slonova, R.A.
The zoographic characteristic of Apodemus peninsulae population in the maintenance of hantavirus infection in the south of the Maritime Territory of Russia

page 84Kompanets, G.G., Slonova, R.A., Kushnareva, T.V., Maksema, I.G., Pysina, T.V., Kraeva, L.S.
Humoral immune response to hantaviruses in health people of the Maritime Territory

page 87Ivanis V.A., Pereverten L.Yu., Markelova E.V., Kompanets G.G, Kushnareva T.V., Slonova R.A.
Immunological characteristic of pathogenesis during early stage of hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome caused by Seoul hantavirus

page 91Leonova, G.N., Pavlenko, E.V., Maystrovskaya, O.S., Kovalchuk, N.V., Krylova, N.V.
Dynamics of specific immune response in inhabitants of Far East Region vaccinated by tick-borne encephalitis vaccine Encepur Adult

page 95Krylova, N.V., Leonova, G.N., Maystrovskaya, O.S.
Cytokines production by human leukocytes infected by Far East strains of tick-borne vencephalitis virus

Shot Communications

page 99Kushnareva, T.V., Maksema, I.G., Obrastsov, Yu.G., Ivanis, V.A.
Hantavirus RNA detection in HFRS patients and evaluation of the efficacy etiotropic therapy by RT-PCR

page 101Gazha, A.K., Levina, E.V., Zaporozhets, T.S.
Influence of sulphate polyhydroxysteroids from sea echinodermata on functional activity of neutrophils

Problem-Solving Papers and Reviews

page 103Leonova, G.N., Kulakova, N.V., Belikov, S.I.
Modern view on molecular bases of flaviviruses virulence

page 111Besednova, N.N., Leonova, G.N., Zaporozhets, T.S.
Immunocorrectors in complex treatment of virus infections

page 117Kuznetsov, V.G., Lazhentseva, L.Yu., Eliseikina, M.G., Shulgina, L.W., Timchenko, N.F.
Spreading of bacteria Yersinia genus in sea water and hydrobionts

page 121Makarenkova, I.D., Kompanets, G.G., Zaporozhets, T.S.
Inhibition of pathogenic microorganisms adhesion on eukaryotic cells

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