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page 3Faustova, N.M., Faustova, M.E., Deyneko, I.P.
Antibacterial activity of extractive substances isolated from aspen bark with respect to some pneumotropic microorganisms

page 7Bulantsev, A.L., Elizarov, V.V., Lipnitsky, A.V.
The induction of Bacillus anthracis hemolytic activity with the use of Myxococcus xanthus

Molecular Microbiology

page 11Zadnova, S.P., Isaev, N.D., Kuteikin-Teplyakov, K.B., Tikhonova, O.V., Toropygin, I.Yu., Archakov, A.I., Smirnova, N.I.
Proteomic analysis of two isogenic Vibrio cholerae of the classical biovar with the alternative expression of virulence genes

page 17Amvrosyeva, T.V., Poklonskaya, N.V., Bezruchko, A.A., Fisenko, E.G.
Molecular characterization and phylogenetic analysis of enteroviruses, inducing the outbreaks and seasonal rises of morbidity in different regions of the Republic of Belarus

page 22Vodopyanov, A.S., Mishankin, B.N., Pavlovich, N.V., Vodopyanov, S.O., Suchkov, I.Yu., Pichurina, N.L., Arutunov, Yu.I.
VNTR-genotyping of Francisella tularensis strains isolated in the former USSR territory and some European countries during epizootics in 1988 1989

page 27Fadeeva, I.A., Korenberg, E.I., Nefedova, V.V., Andreichuk Yu.V., Markov, A.V., Shaginian, I.A.
Genetic heterogeneity of Borrelia afzelii in the natural focus of the Middle Urals

Ecology of Microorganisms

page 31Sokolenko, A.V., Mironova, A.V., Aseeva, L.E., Menshikova, E.A., Titova, S.V.
Hydrogen peroxide as an in iductor of uncultivable state of Vibrio cholerae eltor in an experiment

page 36Somova, L.M., Buzoleva, L.S., Isachenko, A.S., Somov, G.P.
Adaptive ultrastructural changes in soil-resident Yersinia pseudotuberculosis bacteria


page 41Karpova, L.S., Marinich, I.G., Krainova, T.I.
Etiology of influenza according to the data of serological diagnostics in hospital patients in St. Petersburg at the period of 1968 2000

Vaccinology and Vaccinoproplylaxis

page 45Donin, M.V., Boichenko, M.N., Vorobyev, A.A.
Evaluation of the persistence a Salmonella enteritidis recombinant strain with HBc antigen expressed in the body of mice and macrophage culture

page 49Byvalov, A.A., Krupin, V.V., Gavrilov, K.E.
Immunogenicity of B-antigen in experimental plague and pseudotuberculosis of laboratory animals

page 53Tarasova, A.A., Kostinov, M.P., Zaitsev, E.M.
Evaluation of the state of humoral imunity to pertussis in children with diabetes of type 1

Experimental and Clinical Immunology

page 63Zorin, N.A., Lykova, O.F., Konysheva, T.V., Zorina, V.N.
Probable role of specific reactions of polyfunctional proteins of the family of macroglobulins and lactoferrin with receptors and ligands in the protectiom of the body from pathogens

page 67Kovalchuk, L.V., Gankovskaya, L.V., Avedova, T.A., Briko, N.I., Eshchina, A.S., Dmitrieva, N.F.
Bactericidal in vitro action of a complex of natural cytokins on Streptococcus pyogenes

page 71Borovkova, N.V., Khvatov, V.B., Grishin, A.V., Blagovestnov, D.A.
Complex of immunological characteristics for the diagnostics of pancreatogenic immunodeficiency

page 76Kosse, L.V., Lebedeva, S.A., Chernyavskaya, A.S., Neklyaev, V.N., Markina, O.V., Morosova, I.V., Eremenko, N.S., Salnikova, O.I.
Biological activity of the capsule preparation components of F1-antigen of Yersinia pestis

page 81Kozlov, L.V., Romanov, S.V., Andina, S.S., Bichucher, A.M., Kolesnikova, E.A., Dyakov, V.L.
Influence of serum IgG antibodies to Chlamydia trachomatis on the functional activity of complement components

Laboratory diagnostics of legionellosis

page 87Rar, V.A., Terekhova, D.A., Pyshny, D.V., Pyshnaya, I.A., Morozova, O.V.
Determination of herpes simplex virus DNA with the use of solid-phase methods for the detection of PCR products

Shot Communications

page 92Khaldun, A.O.
Antibacterial action of ether oils of some plants

page 93Naumkina, E.V., Rudakov, N.V., Pahalkova, E.V., Temnikova, N.V., Reshetnikova, T.A., Bereskina, G.V.
Ureaplasma urealyticum and Ureaplasma parvum in etiology of uro-genital mixt-infections

Problem-Solving Papers and Reviews

page 96Lvov, D.K.
Population interactions in biological system: influenza virus wild and domestic animals human; reasons and consequences of introduction high pathogenic influenza virus /H5N1 on Russian territory

page 100Svarval, A.V., Tseneva, G.Ya., Shenderovich, O.A.
Yersinia lipopolysaccharide and its biological activity

page 105Vakhitov, T.Ya., Petrov, L.N., Bondarenko, V.M., Vorobyev, A.A.
Prospects of the development of probiotic preparations on the basis of the quorum sensing in bacteria

page 113Orlova, O.E.
Surface antigens of Haemophilus influenzae non-typed strains

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