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page 3Zaitseva, E.A., Somov, G.P.
Microbiological characterization of Listeria monocytogenes isolated from different sources in the Primorsky Territory

Ecology of Microorganisms

page 7Breneva, N.V., Maramovich, A.S., Klimov, V.T.
The population variability of Yersinia pestis in soil samples from the natural focus of plague


page 11Makhnev, M.V.
Anthropurgic foci of pseudotuberculosis and the mechanisms of their formation in groups of servicemen

page 18Mineev, A.M., Bellyustin, N.S.
Prognosticaion of shigellosis morbidity and possible solar activity influence on the epidemic process

page 21Kirillov, V.B., Kirillova, S.L., Lukin, E.P., Markov, V.I., Bolovin, D.V.
Evaluation of the probability of the infection of medical personnel with Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever virus in cases of introduction of the infective agent to a non-endemic territory of Russia

Molecular Epidemiology

page 25Solomennyi, A.P., Yafaev, R.Kh., Goncharov, A.E., Aslanov, B.I., Krylov, K.M., Maksimov, A.Yu., Demakov, V.A.
Genetic variety of Acinetobacter baumannii in an intensive care unit for burn patients

page 31Mironov, K.O., Platonov, A.E., Koroleva, I.S., Shipulin, G.A.
Analysis of the Moscow population of Neisseria meningitidis strains by the method of multilocus sequencing-typing

page 36Dmitrenko, O.A., Prokhorov, V.Ya., Fluer, F.S., Suborova, T.N., Volkov, I.I., Karabak, V.I., Gintsburg, A.L.
Detection of the gene of pyrogenic toxins of superantigens in clinical isolates of methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus

Vaccinology and Vaccinoproplylaxis

page 42Gordeeva, L.A., Shabaldin, A.V., Semenova, E.M., Glushkov, A.N.
Influence of genetic and phenotypical factors on the efficiency of the vaccination of young children against diphtheria and measles

page 46Zakharova, N.S., Britsina, M.V., Ozeretskovskaya, M.N., Bazhanova I.G., Mertsalova, N.U., Poddubikov, A.V., Zaitsev, E.M., Ermolova, E.V.
Protective activity of adsorbed D(a)PT vaccine with the acellular pertussis component and polyoxydonium

Experimental and Clinical Immunology

page 50Zubkova, N.V., Anastasiev, V.V., Moiseeva, M.A., Zubov, S.V.
Neutralization of hepatitis B virus surface antigen with immunoglobulin preparations

page 53Boshyan, R.E., Rybalkina, T.N., Karazhas, N.V., Ermakova, T.M., Galstian, G.M., Osmanov, E.A., Vorobyev, A.A.
Serum antibodies to the infective agents of opportunistic infections in patients with hemoblastosis, complicated with pneumonia

page 57Krasavtsev, E.L., Zhavoronok, S.V., Mitsura, V.M., Demchilo, A.P.
Spectrum of antibodies to different virus antigens in patients with chronic hepatitis C

page 61Agafonov, V.E., Mitereva, D.E., Makarova, O.V., Agafonov, E.P.
Morphofunctional characterization of mast cells of the skin and the mucous membrane of airways in specific hyposensitization, carried out on an experimental model


page 65Berzhets, V.M., Koreneva, E.A., Khlgatian, S.V., Petrova, N.S., Berzhets, A.I., Zhirova, S.N.
Oral house-dust mites allergen for specific immunotherapy: experimental study

page 70Tkachenko, I.V., Garkavaya, E.G., Karpov, A.V.
Allergenic and immunotropic properties of the molecular complex: yeast RNA - tilorone hydrochloride

Shot Communications

page 75Kostinov, M.P., Suloeva, S.V., Tarasova, A.A., Lukushkina, E.F.
Mucosal immunity in children with HIV infection and the possibility of correcting this immunity

page 78Rodina, L.V., Timoshkov, V.V., Tsvil, L.A., Manenkova, G.M., Salova, N.Ya.,.Golovanova, V.P, Darkova, L.E., Rumyantseva, L.N.
State of natural foci of leptospirosis on the territory of Moscow in 1995 2004

page 81Lukashova, L.V., Karpova, M.R., Pirogova, N.P., Kiyutsina, T.A., Lepekhin, A.V., Perevozchikova, T.V., Fait, E.A.
Functional status of peripheral blood monocyte in patients with Ixodes tick-borne borreliosis accompanied by opisthorchiasis

Problem-Solving Papers and Reviews

page 83Blinkova, L.P., Mashentseva, N.G., Khorolsky, V.V., Gorobets, O.B., Dorofeeva E.S.
Biotechnological conditions of the synthesis of bacteriocins

page 89Bondarenko, V.M.
Applyed aspects of molecular biology of bifidobacteria and lactobacillus

page 98Kokryakov, V.N., Kovalchuk, L.V., Aleshina, G.M., Shamova, O.V.
Cationic antimicrobial peptides as molecular immunity factors: multifunctionality

page 106Zigangirova, N.A., Tokarskaya, E.A., Naroditsky, B.S., Gintsburg, A.L., Tutelyan, V.A.
Role of lactic acid bacteria in the spread of medicinal resistance genes among healthy persons

page 110Khaziev, A.F., Mikhailova, N.A., Blinkova, L.P.
Interaction of Staphylococcus aureus α-toxin with eukaryotic cells and their target

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