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page 3Fedorova, V.A., Petrova, A.V., Devdariani, Z.L.
Influence of cultivation conditions on the expression of Yersinia pestis YopE

page 8Aronova, N.V., Pavlovich, N.V.
Phase variations of Francisella tularensis lipopolysaccharide in human infection and immunization

page 12Orlova, O.E., Elkina, S.I., Yastrebova, N.E., Vaneeva, N.P., Sergeev, V.V., Kalina, N.G., Tokarskaya, M.M.
Influence of nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide and hemin concentrations on the growth of Haemophilus influanzae, type b, and the synthesis of capsular polysaccharide

page 15Medzhidov, M.M., Adzhieva, A.A., Medzhidov, Sh.M., Mavraeva, R.N., Matinova, Z.G., Gadzhieva, S.M.
Diagnostic effectiveness of nutrient media for the bacteriological detection of enterobacteria

Molecular Microbiology

page 19Salova, N.Ya., Filatov, N.N., Sizykh, E.V., Gerasimov, A.N., Ryapis, L.A.
Pulse-electrotypes of Listeria monocytogenes strains, isolated in Moscow

page 23Nefedova, V.V., Korenberg, E.I., Andreichuk, Yu.V., Gorelova, N.B., Markov, A.V., Fadeeva, I.A., Evstafyev, I.L
Genetic characterization of pathogenic Borrelia, group A14S, isolated in Ukraine

Ecology of Microorganisms

page 27Sokolenko, A.V., Lomov, Yu.M., Titova, S.V., Mironova, A.V., Menshikova, E.A.
Dynamics of the reversible transition of Vibrio cholerae into the uncultivable state in the presence of organic and inorganic microcosmic components


page 33Onishchenko, G.G.
Measures for counteracting of biological terrorism in the Russian Federation

page 37Zaikovskaya, A.V., Aksenov, V.I., Rassadkin Yu.N., Shestopalov A.M.
Epizootic situation in rabies in the Novosibirsk region in 1997 2003

page 40Asratian, A.A., Isaeva, O.V., Mikhailov, M.I.
Tendency and analysis of the epidemic situation in parenteral virus hepatitis B and C in the Russian Federation and a number of its regions

Molecular Epidemiology

page 46Dmitrenko, O.A., Shaginian, I.A., Prokhorov, V.Ya., Matveev, S.M., Gintsburg, A.L.
Molecular genetic typing of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus strains, isolated in hospitals of different regions of the Russia and Belarus

Vaccinology and Vaccinoproplylaxis

page 53Nemykina, O.E., Egorova, N.B., Shcherbakova, B.V., Kurbatova, E.A., Semenova, I.B., Efremova, V.N., Gruber, I.M., Semenov B.F.
Optimization of the therapy of atopic dermatitis by means of immumotherapy

page 58Kharseeva, G.G., Moskalenko, E.P., Sylka, O.I.
Characteristics of the antitoxic and antibacterial immune response in children with diphtheria

Experimental and Clinical Immunology

page 61Sanin, A.V., Sosnovskaya, O.Yu., Kozhevnikova, T.N., Golovanova, T.A., Medvedkin, V.N., Kashkin, K.P.
Prolonged stimulation of hematopoiesis in mice with chemotactic peptide N-f-met-leu-phe-gly incorporated into liposomes

page 65Dolgushin, I.I., Gizinger, O.A., Letyaeva, O.I.
Local immunity factors in the reproductive system of women with Chlamydia infection

Microecology and Therapy

page 69Chernukha, M.Yu., Alekseeva, G.V., Avetisian, L.R., Kuznetsova, O.V., Tolovskaya, K.R., Shaginian, I.A.
Microbiological aspects of enteric dysbacteriosis in patients of different age groups, visiting outpatient clinics of Moscow

Shot Communications

page 73Menshikova, E.A., Podosinnikova, L.S.
Testing the biological activity of Vibrio cholerae on cell subcultures

page 75Kostrova, Yu.M., Shekhovtseva, N.V.
Antibiotic resistance of hemolytic bacteria, depending on iron content in bacterial cells

page 77Orlova, C.V., Petkevich, A.C., Kretova, C.F., Zaikina, T.N., Rogacheva, T.A., Shcherba, M.A., Zasepskaya, D.Yu., Fedorkova, V.I., Ladutko, L.S, Semenov, S.F.
Dynamics of viral hepatitis A morbidity in Minsk

page 80Amchenkova, A.M., Narovlyansky, A.N., Cheknev, S.B., Bartova, L.M., Kulagina, N.N.
The capacity of fusicoccin for inducing the synthesis of early interferon

Problem-Solving Papers and Reviews

page 83Seibil, V.B., Malyshkina, L.P.
Enteroviruses in the XX and XXI centuries

page 89Usvyatsov, B.Ya., Khanina, E.A., Bukharin, O.V.
Interaction of bacteria and red blood cells

page 96Kovalchuk, L.V., Khoreva, M.V., Varivoda, A.S.
Congenital components of immunity: Toll-like receptors in the normal state and in immunopathology

page 105Zemskov, A.M., Zemskov, V.M., Zemskov, M.A., Zoloedov, V.I., Bolotskikh, V.I.
Problem of specific and nonspecific factors in the induction and regulation of immunological reactions

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