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page 3Karpova, T.I., Marakusha, B.I., Sapenko, T.P., Tartakovsky, I.S., Vazquez-Boland, J.A., Ermolaeva, S.A.
Effect of the constitutive activity of pathogenicity genes in Listeria monocytogenes

page 8Bukharin, O.V., Kirillov, D.A., Sheenkov, N.V., Kirillov, V.A.
Influence of cycloferon on the biological properties of bacterial intracellular pathogens

page 11Sokolova, A.Ya., Kurbatova, E.A.
Comparative study of immunobiological properties of Klebsiella planticola and Klebsiella pneumoniae strains

page 15Khaziev, A.F., Mikhailova, N.A., Alsynbaev, M.M., Blinkova, L.P.
Bacillus subtilis protease: isolation, immobilization and properties

page 19Sultanov, Z.Z., Stepanova, E.D., Kulakova, L.S., Omarova, S.M., Gorelova, V.G., Ramazanova, N.R., Gadzhieva, S.M.
Development and diagnostic value evaluation of a nutrient medium for the yield and isolation of hemoculture

page 22Risovannaya, O.N.
Experimental evaluation of the bacteriotoxic phototherapy of inflammatory diseases of the oral cavity

Molecular Microbiology

page 27Dmitrenko, O.A., Shaginian, I.A., Prokhorov, V.Ya., Matveev, S.M., Alyapkina, Yu.S., Vanyusheva, O.V., Shilov, I.A., Lunin, V.G., Gintsburg, A.L.
Study on the polymorphism of the coagulase gene by the method of sequencing in methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus strains, isolated in hospitals in different regions of Russia and Belarus

page 33Limansky, A., Minukhin, V., Limanskaya, O., Pavlenko, N., Mishina, M., Tsyganenko, A.
Species-specific detection of Proteus vulgaris and Proteus mirabilis by the polymerase chain reaction

Ecology of Microorganisms

page 39Pushkareva, V.I., Velichko, V.V., Kaminskaya, A.A., Alekseeva N.V., Litvin, V.Yu.
Burkholderia cepacia under different ecological conditions: the amount and variability of the bacterial population


page 44Onishchenko, G.G., Lomov, Yu.M., Moskvitina, E.A., Fedorov, Yu.M., Podosinnikova, L.S., Gorobets, A.V.
Cholera at the beginning of the XXI century. Prognosist

page 49Smirnova, S.E.
Circulation of Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever virus in the Stavropol territory in the seasons of 1999 2000

Experimental and Clinical Immunology

page 53Chernukha, M.Yu., Nikolaeva, T.N., Shaginyan, I.A., Gintsburg, A.L.
The influence of bacteria of the Burkholderia cepacia and Pseudomonas aeruginosa complex on cell-mediated immune reactions in experimental animals

Vaccinology and Vaccinoproplylaxis

page 57Nuriddinova, N.R., Sheremetyev, N.N., Ivanova, L.E., Garib, F.Yu., Iskhakova, Kh.I.
Experimentally determined safety and immunological activity of vaccine based on antigens isolated from Pseudomonas aeruginosa in medium K-4

Microecology and Therapy

page 61Vorobyev, A.A., Nesvizhsky, Yu.V., Bogdanova, E.A., Korneev, M.L., Matyukhina, O.B.
Study of the parietal microflora in the rat intestine

page 65Voropaeva, E.A., Afanasyev, S.S., Kudryavtseva, M.V., Aleshkin, V.A., Vorobyev, A.A., Nesvizhsky, Yu.V., Filatova, N.G., Afanasyev, M.S., Matveevskaya, N.S.
Microecology and humoral immunity characteristics of the vagina in women with nonspecific inflammatory diseases of the genitals

Laboratory diagnostics of legionellosis

page 69Tsygankova, O.I., Eremenko, E.I., Ryazanova, A.G., Tsygankova, E.A.
Multiplex amplification test system for the identification and differentiation of Bacillus anthracis

Shot Communications

page 74Golubev, V.I., Golubeva, E.V.
Characterization of Schizosaccharomyces hominis

page 75Kazhina, M.V., Zhmakin, A.I., Titov, L.P.
Changes in vaginal microbiocenosis in patients with chronic pelvic inflammatory diseases following antibiotic therapy

page 78Larin, F.I., Lebedev, V.V., Redko, A.N.
HIV infection and parenteral virus hepatitis in the Krasnodar territory

page 80Avdeeva, E.P., Mazrukho, B.L., Voronezhskaya, L.G., Monakhova, E.V., Kudryakova, T.A., Tsedova, E.G., Neimatov, A.S., Inogamova, I.A., Yakubova, I.S.
Characterization of enteropathogenic Vibrio cholerae non O1/O139 isolated in Uzbekistan

page 82Volgin, A.R., Demina, Yu.V.
Experience of using bacterial lysate IRS 19 for the prophylaxis of the diseases of respiratory organs in organized groups

page 84Ryzhov, A.A., Katosova, L.K., Kostinov, M.P., Volkov, I.K., Magarshak, O.O.
Evaluation of the influence of the bacterial vaccines Pneumo-23 and Act-HIB on the course of the chronic inflammatory process of the respiratory organs in children

page 87Narbutovich, N.I., Lomova, L.V., Ageeva, N.P., Kucheryaeva, V.T., Seimova I.K.
Some properties of plasmocoagulase of the causative agents of glanders and melioidosis

page 89Lysenko, O.V., Teplova, S.N.
Results of the microbiological, clinical and immunological examination of children with Reiters disease

page 92Orlova, O.E., Elkina, S.I., Yastrebova, N.E., Vaneeva, N.P., Sergeev, V.V., Kalina, N.G., Tokarskaya, M.M.
Influence of the aminopeptide concentration on the growth of Haemophilus influenzae, type b, and the synthesis of its capsular polysaccharide

page 95Afanasyev, S.S., Aleshkin, V.A., Vorobyev, A.A., Rubalsky, O.V., Nesvizhsky, Yu.N., Voropaeva, E.A.
Influence of cytokine preparations on the in vitro resistance of bacteria to antibiotics

page 97Bryazzhikova, T.S., Yurlova, T.I.
Content of ceruloplasmin and immunoglobulins of the main classes in the blood sera of patients with herpes virus infection

page 99Bashkina, O.A., Afanasyev, S.S., Aleshkin, V.A., Vorobyev, A.A., Rubalsky, O.V., Kokuev, A.V., Somova, E.I.
Effect of the treatment of relapsing bronchitis in children with combined interferon preparations applicated by different methods

page 102Evstropov, A.N., Burova, L.G., Grek, O.R., Zakharova, L.N., Volkhonskaya, T.A.
Experimental therapy of Coxsackie B3 virus infection with immunomodulator contained in water-soluble Penthaphylloides fruticosa extract

Problem-Solving Papers and Reviews

page 105Makarov, V.V., Vorobyev, A.A., Bondarenko, V.M., Boev, B.V.
Highly pathogenic avian influenza virus inducing influenza pneumonia in humans

page 109Ashmarin, I.P., Karazeeva, E.P., Lelekova, T.V.
Effectiveness of ultrasmall doses of endogenous bioregulators and immunoactive compounds

page 116Kolpakov, S.L., Yakovlev, A.A.
Statistical indices in medicine and epidemiology and their classification

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