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page 3Telesmanich, N.R., Lomov, Yu.M., Bardykh, I.Kh., Vinokur, N.I.
Adhesive and other properties of Vibrio cholerae tcp+ ctx- isolated from environmental objects in the Rostov region in 2002

page 6Gabrielian, N.I., Gorskaya, E.M., Spirina, T.S., Darbaeva, O.S., Maiskaya, L.M.
Sensitivity of nosocomial microflora circulating in a transplantation clinic to medicinal bacteriophages

page 10Darsavelidze, M.A., Kapanadze, Zh.S., Chanishvili, T.G.
Biological properties of bacteriophages, active to Yersinia enterocolitica

page 13Kuznetsov, O.Yu.
Choice of informative characteristics for the characterization of the adaptive process in the population of rod-shaped bacteria

page 18Kuznetsov, V.G.
Method for the calculation of the 50% effective dose of biologically active agents


page 22Tarasov, M.A., Vainer, G.B., Karavaeva, T.B.
Complex evaluation of the endemicity level of the territory affected by hemorrhagic fever with renal syndorome

Molecular Epidemiology

page 26Solomennyi, A.P., Maksimov, A.Yu., Mochalova, T.I.
PCR genotyping of Acinetobacter hospital isolates

Vaccinology and Vaccinoproplylaxis

page 31Semenov, B.F., Zakharova, N.S., Britsina, M.V., Mertsalova, N.U., Ozeretskovskaya, M.N., Valyakina, T.I., Komaleva, R.L., Andronova, T.M., Nesmeyanov, V.A.
Creation of new acellular pertussis vaccine, containing glucosaminylmuramyldipeptide

page 36Antonova, L.P., Markova, T.P., Kurbatova, E.A.
Naso-subcutaneous application of the polycomponent vaccine VP-4 for the treatment of patients with bronchial asthma and chronic obstructive bronchitis

page 41Popov, V.F., Yunasova, T.N., Gaiderova, L.A., Aksenov, L.A., Averina, O.B., Shitikova, O.Yu.
Characterization of antirubella vaccine in an epidemiological trial

page 43Chernyadyev, A.V.
Morphological structure of Yersinia pestis populations (strain EV) in the process of live plague vaccine production

page 47Ershov, F.I., Kovalenko, A.L., Garashchenko, T.I., Selkova, E.P., Botvinyeva, V.V., Zhekalov, A.N., Petlenko, S.V., Bolbot, Yu.K., Romantsov, M.G.
Cycloferon: a new Russian preparation for the prophylaxis of influenza and other acute respiratory viral infections

Experimental and Clinical Immunology

page 52Dushkin, M.I., Perminova, O.M., Safina, A.F., Volsky, N.N., Shvarts, Ya.Sh., Kozlov, V.A.
Influence of the activation of the immune system cells on the parameters of lipid metabolism in macrophages

Immunomodulation and Immunotherapy

page 57Zorina, V.V., Nikolaeva, T.N., Bondarenko, V.M.
Modulation of immune system cells by lactobacilli

page 60Vargin, V.V., Semenova, I.B.
Activation of Langat virus infection in mice under the influence of Licopid

Laboratory diagnostics of legionellosis

page 63Belaya, Yu.A., Vakhrameeva, M.S., Petrukhin, V.G., Bondarenko, V.M., Belaya, O.F., Evdokimov, V.V., Kurmanova, D.M., Yudina, T.I., Nesterenko, V.G.
Occurrence of Helicobacter pylori specific antigens in diseases of gastrointestinal tract

page 69Zhukhovitsky, V.G., Shobukhova, T.S., Spirina, G.V., Shmeleva, L.P., Kirillov, M.Yu., Sharaya, V.S., Bezrukov, V.M., Parashina, V.A.
Comparative evaluation of diagnostic preparations

page 73Kozhageldieva, A.A., Karalnik, B.V., Denisova, T.G., Tygambaev, T.I.
Development of immunoreagents for the diagnostics of intestinal yersiniosis by antigen-binding lymphocytes

page 76Puzyrev, V.F., Drevtsova, I.N., Burkov, A.N., Ulanova, T.I.
Use of recombinant HBcore antigen for development of the diagnostic test system

page 80Mardanly, S.G., Ali Hossein, A.M.
Optimization of the composition of antibodies to HBsAg in obtaining specific sorbent for the enzyme immunoassay test system

page 84Glinshchikova, O.A., Kulikov, S.M., Sudarikov, A.B.
Internal standard on the basis of the retrovirus vector for the determination of hepatitis C virus in the competitive PCR

page 88Glukhov, A.I., Gordeev, S.A., Altshuler, M.L., Blinkova, L.P., Bychenko, A.B., Tentsov, Yu.Yu., Severin, S.E.
Study of the effectiveness of the method of the nest polymerase chain reaction and the field of its use in hepatitis A diagnosis

Shot Communications

page 92Faustova, M.E., Yakovleva, N.V.
Etiological structure of respiratory infections in different variants of acute bronchitis

page 94Oparina, O.N.
Influence of physical load on the content of intestinal microflora endotoxin in blood plasma and immunity indices to endotoxin

page 97Reshetnikov, O.V., Kurilovich, S.A., Malyutina, S.K., Krotov, S.A., Krotova, V.A., Shumakova, O.V.
Prevalence of Helicobacter pylori CagA-producing strains within families

page 99Durymanova, A.A., Dimov, S.K., Kuznetsov, V.N., Khuraskin, L.N., Zolotykh, S.I., Shestopalov, A.M.
Antibodies to Brucella in Caspian seals

Problem-Solving Papers and Reviews

page 101Nikolaeva, T.N., Zorina, V.V., Bondarenko, V.M.
The role of cytokines in the immunoreactivity modulation with bacteria of the Lactobacillus genus

page 106Ziganghirova, N.A., Gintsburg, A.L.
Role of apoptosis in the regulation of the infectious process

page 113Medyannikov, O.Yu., Likhoded, L.Ya., Penkina, G.A., Manzenyuk, O.Yu., Fatalieva, S.F., Tarasevich, I.V.
Bartonella and bartonellosis emerging and re-emerging infections. Taxonomy, bacteriology, pathogenesis and genetics

page 122Petrunov, B.
Polybacterial immunostimulators in medical practice

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