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page 3Bondarenko, V.M., Fialkina, S.V., Lysenko, T.I., Lavrentyeva, T.P., Cherepanova, G.V., Mavzyuytov, A.R., Khaliullina, S.V., Anokhin, V.A.
Genetic determinants of Escherichia coli pathogenicity isolated from urine and feces of children with different clinical variants of urinary system infection

page 7Trishin, A.V., Zdanovich, M.Yu., Savvateeva, L.V., Toptygin, A.Yu., Donenko, F.V., Kiselevsky, M.V., Kurbatova, E.A., Elkina, S.I., Kalina, N.G.
Proteinase activity of Klebsiella pneumoniae of different virulence

page 12Rar, V.A., Maksimova, T.R., Trukhina, A.V., Rempel, E.G., Kmemashevskaya, N.I., Ryabova, E.N., Frolova, N.P., Morozova, O.V.
Level of colonization by Ureaplasma urealyticum of definite biovars in a group of women with different clinical symptoms


page 17Briko, N.I., Zhuravlev, M.V.
Experience in the prophylaxis of respiratory streptococcal infection in organized groups of children of pre-school age with the use of Tomicid

page 21Rumel, N.B., Muradian, A.Ya., Osidak, L.V., Sirotkin, A.K., Golovanova, A.K., Yurlova, T.I.
Seroepidemiological study of coronavirus infection in children and adults

page 26Seibil, V.B., Malyshkina, L.P., Lavrova, I.K., Efimova, V.F.
Strain-specific antibodies as an indicator of the circulation of wild poliomyelitis viruses and their role in the formation of collective immunity in the population

Ecology of Microorganisms

page 31Pushkareva, V.I., Velichko, V.V., Solokhina, L.V., Litvin, V.Yu.
Variability of the clonal structure of Yersinia pseudotuberculosis population under different conditions

Vaccinology and Vaccinoproplylaxis

page 35Aleksakhina, N.N., Basnakyan, I.A., Kozlova, N.N., Verner, I.K.
Antigenic activity of oral whole-culture meningococcal preparation, serogroup B

Experimental and Clinical Immunology

page 40Markina, O.A., Yasrebova, N.E., Vaneeva, N.P., Lyashova, V.N. Ovechko, N.N.
Cross-reactions between the antigens of healthy pulmonary tissue and Moraxella catarrhalis

page 43Dolgushin, I.I., Telesheva, L.F., Savochkina, A.Yu., Markina, O.V.
Anti-inflammatory cytokines of cervical secretions and the blood serum in women with genital infections

Laboratory diagnostics of legionellosis

page 46Domnikova, N.P., Bryakotnina, E.V., Ilyina, V.N., Evstropov, A.N.
Risk factors of Pseudomonas infection in hemoblastosis patients

page 50Glukhov, A.I., Gordeev, S.A., Altshuler, M.L., Blinkova, L.P., Bychenko, A.B., Tentsov, Yu.Yu., Severin, E.S.
Development and trial of the PCR test-system for the detection of the RNA of hepatitis A virus

Microecology and Therapy

page 54Ankirskya, A.S., Uvarova, E.V., Muravyeva, V.V., Sultanova, F.Sh., Lavrushko, I.L.
Specific features of normal vaginal microflora in girls of preschool age

Shot Communications

page 59Kulagina, G.M., Fialkina, S.V.
Intestinal microflora in workers of unhealthy trades

page 61Ivanova, E.B., Kurilov, V.Ya., Andrus, V.N.
Changes in fine morphological structures of Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus and spores of Bacillus anthracis vaccine strain STI under the action of the disinfectant Veltolen

page 63Alekseev, A.Yu., Durymanov, A.G., Rassadkin, Yu.N., Repin, V.E., Shestopalov, A.M.
Method of the cultivation of Mycobacterium tuberculosis in subcultured cells

page 65Zheltkova, E., Balabanova, Ya., Raddie, M., Weldon, L., Malomanova, N., Elizarova, E., Melentyev, A., Mutovkin, E., Zakharova, S., Fedorin, I., Drobnievsky, F., Chernousova, L.N.
Spoligotyping of Mycobacterium tuberculosis isolates obtained from patients in the Samara region

page 68Dolgikh, T.I., Bychkova, E.Yu.
Cytomegalovirus infection in melanoma patients

page 71Maslova, I.I., Khorobrykh, N.E., Ushakova, M.A., Ovechko, N.N., Muravyev, Yu.V.
Antibodies to Yersinia enterocolitica and Proteus mirabilis in blood sera of rheumatoid arthritis patients

page 72Nagoev, B.S., Marzhokhova, M.Yu.
T-lymphocyte subpopulations and tumor necrosis factor α in patients with acute Flexners dysentery

page 74Sultanov, Z.Z., Kulakova, L.S., Perepelitsa, L.G., Abdulganieva, S.K.
Selective nutrient medium for the isolation of Bacillus cereus

page 76Kalyagina, S.Yu., Ikramov, A.A.
Properties of Corynebacterium diphtheriae cultivated in the mediun prepared from raw materials unsuitable for use as foodstuffs

page 79Guseva, E.V., Tashpulatov, R.Yu.
Blood antigens in the AB0 system and susceptibility of humans to diphtheria

page 82Uzlova, T.V., Teplova, S.N., Medvedev, B.I.
Disturbances in immunological reactivity in women with tuboperitoneal sterility

page 84Asrankulova, D.B., Rizopulu, A.P., Kurbanov, D.D.
Immune status and proinflammatury cytokines in pregnant women with acute cytomegalovirus infection

Problem-Solving Papers and Reviews

page 86Onishchenko, G.G., Efremenko, V.I.
Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever in southern Russia

page 90Bondarenko, V.M., Likhoded, B.G., Vorobyev, A.A.
Immunoregulation of the amount of intestinal gramnegative microflora

page 94Karyagina, A.S., Naroditsky, B.S., Apt, A.S., Gintsburg, A.L.
Genomics and gene engineering: rationale to the development of new means of tuberculosis control

page 102Litvin, V.Yu., Pushkareva, V.I., Emelyanenko, E.N.
Biocenotic grounds of the natural foci of sapronotic infections (the results of 15-year observations)

page 109Semenenko, T.A., Selkova E.P., Gendon Yu.Z.
Specific prophylaxis of influenza with inactivated split vaccine Vaxigrip

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