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page 3Onishchenko,G.G., Lomov,Yu.M., Mazrukho,B.L., Mishankin,B.N., Vodopyanov,S.O., Kruglikov,V.D.
Characterization of Vibrio cholerae O1 cultures isolated from environmental objects on the territory of the Russian Federation in 2002

page 7Nikoleishvili,L.R., Chepkova,E.V.
Transition of Vibrio cholerae into the uncultivable state under the conditions of low temperature, different mineralization and illumination of artificial nutrient medium

page 11Telesmanich,N.R.
Triacylglycerollipase activity of hemolytic Vibrio cholerae

page 14Chernukha,M.Yu., Kovtun,V,P., Nikolaeva,T.N., Shaginian,I.A., Gintsburg,A.L.
Development of the controlled model of persisting infection, caused by Pseudomonas aeruginosa and bacteria of the complex Burkholderia cepacia

page 21Vodopyanov,A.S., Vodopyanov,S.O., Pavlovich,N.V., Mishankin,B.N.
Multilocus VNTR-typing of Francisella tularensis strains

page 26Shpynov,S.N., Rudakov,N.V., Yastrebov,V.K., Khazova,T.G., Fournier,P.-E., Raoult,D.
Detection of Rickettsia hulinii in ticks of the Haemaphysalis concinna species in Russia

Ecology of Microorganisms

page 29Buzoleva,L.S., Isachkova,L.M., Isachenko,A.S., Somov,G.P.
Influence of temperature on the variability of Listeria monocytogenes in the course of its prolonged existence in soil-packed colomns with flowing water


page 34Kazennova,E.V., Bobkova,M.R., Zemerov,V.B., Shantseva,N.A., Fedotova,T.A., Kiva,L.D., Fedotova,T.T., Kapizov,A.S., Bagautdinov,A.T., Gerasimov,V.E., Selyutina,L.I., Kostian,I.R., Raspopin,V.I., Pokrovsky,V.V., Bobkov,A.F.
Characteristics of the foci of HIV infection among the drug addicts of the Southern Urals in terms of molecular epidemiology

Vaccinology and Vaccinoproplylaxis

page 38Ilyukhin,V.I., Plekhanova,N.G., Senina,T.V., Stanovaya,O.V., Kislichkin,N.N.
Experimental evidence on the possibility of using live tularemia vaccine to increase resistance to heterologous infectious diseases

Experimental and Clinical Immunology

page 42Gorina,L.G., Kiseleva,T.B., Drobyshevskaya,E.I.
Immunobiological properties of monoclonal antibodies to Mycoplasma hominis antigens

page 46Astakhin,A.V., Levitan,B.N., Afanasyev,S.S., Vorobyev,A.A., Aleshkin,V.A., Dudina,O.S.
Levels of tumor necrosis factor-α and interleukin-4 in the blood sera of chronic hepatitis patients

page 50Filimonov,P.N., Gavrilova,N.I., Ivanov,G.Ya., Shkurupy,V.A.
Interrelations between the activity of hepatitis, fibrosis of the liver and immune status in children with chronic viral hepatitis B+C


page 56Berzhets,V.M., Petrova,N.S., Khlgatian,S.V., Pishchulina,L.A., Zhirova,S.N., Berzhets,A.I.
Study of allergens obtained from vegetables, fruit and berries

Microecology and Therapy

page 60Nikolaeva,T.N., Bondarenko,V.M., Nikolaeva,A.I., Zorina,V.V., Konovalova,G.N.
Immunomodulating effect of protein fractions isolated from bifidobacteria

page 64Postnikova,E.A., Efimov,B.A., Volodin,N.N., Kafarskay,L.I.
Search of promising strains of bifidobacteria and lactobacilli for the development of new biopreparations

page 70Popkova,S.M., Kichigina,E.L., Leshchuk,S.I., Yurinova,G.V., Serdyuk,L.V., Buzikova,T.V.
In vitro evaluation of the influence of decoctions of medicinal plants and antibacterial antibodies to bifidobacteria on their adhesion

Shot Communications

page 74Mukhamedov,I.M., Shadiev,Kh.K., Abdullaev,M.I., Aliev,Sh.R., Ergasheva,Kh.E.
Disturbances in the intestinal microflora and immune system in children with vitiligo

page 76Chulok,T.A., Kaverina,K.G., Shumova,S.L., Matsulevich,T.V., Doroshenko,E.O.
Correction of intestinal dysbacteriosis in elderly patients with the use of bifidumbacterin introduced by different routes

page 79Gracheva,N.M., Kolganova,N.A., Shcherbakov,I.T., Avakov,A.A., Solovyeva,A.I.
Microbial ecology and the state of the gastrointestinal mucosa in patients with allergic diseases

page 81Martynova,A.V., Turkutyukov,V.B.
Antibiotic resistance of Streptococcus pneumoniae isolated from patients with extrahospital pneumonia

page 83Muratov,I.D.
Bacteriological pattern of acute purulent balanoposthitis in children

page 85Tapalsky,D.V., Osipov,V.A., Zhavoronok,S.V.
Adhesiveness of the causative agents of Salmonella infections and their resistance to antibiotics in the Gomel region

page 87Sheremetyeva,Yu.V., Gosmanov,R.G., Salmakov,K.M., Gosmanov,N.R.
Immunobiological properties of 100 years old Bacillus anthracis vaccine strains Lange

page 89Akhapkina,I.G., Zheltikova,T.M.
Methods of detection of tick allergens in housing dust

page 91Gataullin,A.G., Mikhailova,N.A., Blinkova,L.P., Romanenko,E.E., Elkina,S.I., Gaiderov,A.A., Kalina,N.G.
Properties of the isolated Bacillus subtilis strains and their influence on the intestinal microflora of experimental mice

Problem-Solving Papers and Reviews

page 95Semenov,B.F., Pokrovsky,V.I.
Vaccinal prophylaxis of infarction, insult and lethality in the epidemic rise of influenza morbidity

page 99Delvig,A.A., Semenov,B.F.
Invariable chain (Ii-chain) as a highly important molecular shaperon of histocompatibility class II molecules

page 106Khvatov,V.B., Menshikov,D.D., Menshikova,E.D.
Immunological methods in the diagnostics and treatment of nosocomial cases of pneumonia

page 110Kuramshin,D.Kh., Sennikov,S.V., Kozlov,V.A.
Immunotropic properties of the causative agent of viral hepatitis C

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