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page 3Bashkina,O.A., Aleshkin,V.A., Afanasyev,S.S., Vorobyev,A.A., Boiko,A.V., Krasilova,E.V.
Comparative characterization of staphylococcal carrier state in healthy children and in those with frequent acute respiratory diseases

page 6Isaeva,G.Sh., Pozdeev,O.K., Chelyshev,Yu.A., Muravyeva,E.V., Vijesinghe,C.D.
Virulence markers of Helicobacter pylori strains isolated from patients with oncologic and precancerous diseases of the stomach

page 11Mishankin,B.N., Vodopyanov,A.S., Lomov,Yu.M., Vodopyanov,S.O., Romanova,L.V., Cherepakhina,I.Ya., Suchkov,Yu.I., Duvanova,O.V., Shishiyanu,M.V.
Multilocus VNTR-genotyping of the cultures of Vibrio cholerae isolated in Kazan the outbreak of cholera in summer of 2001

page 15Alekseev,V.V., Plekhanova,N.G., Kivokurtseva,T.Yu., Zamaraeva,S.V., Piven,N.N., Viktorov,D.V.
Pathogenicity of Burkholderia pseudomallei with different antigenic composition in experimental melioidosis

page 20Vakhitov,T.Ya., Momot,E.N., Shalaeva,O.N., Petrov,L.N.
Composition and biological activity of Escherichia coli M-17 exometabolites


page 26Moskvitina,E.A., Gorobets,A.V., Lomov,Yu.M., Prometnoi,V.I., Mikhailova,T.N., Pashintseva,N.F., Stakhova,V.A., Bogunov,I.I., Batashev,V.V., Ivanova,N.G., Mazrukho,B.L., Shestialtynova,I.S., Fedoruk,S.I., Nenadskaya,S.A., Kuznetsova,N.R., Tsesarskaya,E.A.,
Evaluation of the cholera epidemic potential of the territory using complex indices

page 30Busuek,G.P., Aleksandrova,G.A., Shaginian,I.A.
Epidemiology and prophylaxis of hospital infections in obstetric and child hospitals

Ecology of Microorganisms

page 37Breneva,N.V., Maramovich,A.S., Klimov,V.T., Chesnokova,M.V.
Regularities in the adaptation of Yersinia pseudotuberculosis in experimental soil ecosystem

Vaccinology and Vaccinoproplylaxis

page 41Lebedev,L.R., Belyavskaya,V.A.
Obtaining high-polymer antigen structures with enhanced immunogenic properties

page 45Novitsky,I.A., Manchuk,V.T.
Measles morbidity in children on the background of revaccination with live measles vaccine under the conditions of the Far North

Experimental and Clinical Immunology

page 48Semenova,I.B.
Correction of cell-mediated immunity with purified staphylococcal toxoid in the reaction of delayed hypersensitivity to heterogeneous antigen

Laboratory diagnostics of legionellosis

page 53Zhuravleva,Yu.N., Lugovtsev,V.Yu., Voronina,O.L., Lunin,V.G., Naumova,M.A., Mamaeva,T.A., Tikhonova,N.T.
Test system based of the single-tube variant of reverse transcriptionpolymerase chain reaction for the identification of the genome of measles virus

page 56Tesheva,A.M., Lvov,V.L., Aparin,P.G.
Highly purified Salmonella typhi polysaccharide antigens in the serological diagnostics of epidemic typhoid fever

Shot Communications

page 60Tsybalova,L.M., Osidak,L.V., Popova,T.L.
Morbidity in influenza and other acute respiratory diseases among the population of territories contaminated with radionuclides in small doses

page 63Chikina,E.Yu., Zhirova,S.N., Gervazieva,V.B., Shabalina,S.V.
Allergen specific profile of IgE and IgG4 antibodies to cow milk proteins in patients with food allergy

page 66Eshchanov,M.K., Berzhets,V.M., Yuldashev,I.R., Yusupova,O.I., Khakberdyev,M.M.
Obtaining camel hair allergens and their properties

page 67Mitereva,D.E., Agafonov,V.E.
Use of aerosil as a vector of specific allergen in chemoluminescent analysis

Problem-Solving Papers and Reviews

page 70Semenov,B.F., Zakharova,N.S., Mazurova,I.K.
Rised pertussis morbidity on the background of mass vaccination. Hypotheses explaining this phenomenon

page 73Marennikova,S.S., Onishchenko,G.G., Matsevich,G.R., Gurvich,E.B., Sandakhchiev,L.S.
Present-day vaccination against smallpox in the light of past experience

page 80Tseneva,G.Ya., Svarval,A.V., Voskresenskaya,E.A.
Methods of the identification of virulent Yersinia enterocolitica

page 86Yushchuk,N.D., Maev,I.V., Gurevich,K.G.
Immune response to Helicobacter pylori infection

page 92Magazov,R.Sh., Vasilenko,A.Zh., Misnikov,O.P., Savelyev,A.P., Stepanov,A.V.
Mechanisms of the human immune response formation during associated and complex immunization

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