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Theoretical Problems of Epidemiology

page 34Pokrovsky, V.I.
Role of epidemiological science and practice in protecting the population health of the country

page 40Paltyshev, I.P., Filatov, N.N.
Specific features of epidemiological activity in medicine

page 45Kolpakov, S.L., Yakovlev, A.A.
Morbidity: terminology, mechanisms of formation and classification

page 49Ryapis, L.A., Filatov, N.N., Salova, N.Ya.
Molecular epidemiology of infectious diseases

page 54Cherkassky, B.L.
Doctrine on the transmission mechanism of the causative agents of infections and the concept on social and ecologic determination of the epidemic process

page 59Shakhanina, I.L.
Significance of epidemiology analysis for epidemiology progress

Terminology in Epidemiology

page 62Feldblyum, I.V., Mishlanova, S.L.
“Epidemic” vs “epidemiological”: linguistic aspects of epidemiological terminology

page 65Solodovnikov, Yu. P.
Once more on the professional language of epidemiologists

Original Articles

page 67Briko, N.I., Filatov, N.N., Zhuravlev, M.V., Lytkina, I.N., Ezhlova, E.B., Brazhnikov, A.Yu., Tsapkova, N.N., Malyshev, N.A.
Recent epidemiological pattern of scarlet fever

page 72Aslanov, B.I., Yafaev, R.Kh., Zueva, L.P.
Mode of the rational use of Pseudonomas aeruginosa bacteriophages in therapeutic and epidemic control practice

page 77Sergevnin, V.I.
Epidemiological survey of a single-cased focus of acute enteric infections

page 81Torchinsky, N.V., Gerasimov, A.N., Brazhnikov, A.Yu., Briko, N.I.
Methodological aspects of the evaluation of epidemiological safety in maternity hospitals

Problem-Solving Papers and Reviews

page 86Gintsburg, A.L, Ilyina, T.S., Romanova, Yu.M.
“Quorun sensing” or social behavior of bacteria

page 93Petrukhina, M.I., Rusakova, E.V., Yushchenko, G.V.
Present-day epidemiological surveillance of tuberculosis

page 96Yafaev, R.Kh.
Some unsolved aspects of the parasitism problem

page 101Bondarenko, V.M.
Problem of the specific prophylaxis of shigellosis

Current Articles

page 109Onishchenko, G.G., Vasilyev, N.T., Maksimov, V.A., Markov, V.I., Merkulov, V.A., Pistsov, M.N., Berezhnoi, A.M., Syromyatnikova, S.I., Zubov, V.V.
Isolation of the infective agent of the severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) from a patient with “atypical pneumonia”

page 112Movsesyants, A.A., Khadartsev, O.S.
Human cases of hydrophobia in the Russian Federation

page 117Zheleznikova, G.F.
Types of immune response in acute infectious diseases

page 121Basnakyan, I.A.
Acidic stress in bacteria

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