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Fundamental and Applied Aspects of the Problem

page 3Bukharin,O.V., Usvyatsov,B.Ya., Khusnutdinova,L.M.
Bacterial interactions

page 8Kirillov,V.A., Dronova,O.B., Bukharin,O.V.
Persistence factors of Helicobacter pylori

page 11Bondarenko,V.M., Chervinets,V.M., Vorobyev,A.A.
Role of persisting opportunistic bacteria in the pathogenesis of the gastric and duodenal ulcer

page 17Zigangirova,N.A., Barkhatova,O.I., Rakovskaya,I.V., Gintsburg,A.L.
Influence of environmental factors on the expression of Mycoplasma pneumoniae gene responsible for the synthesis of protein P1 adhesion

page 23Tuigunov,M.M., Gabidullin,Z.G., Zurochka,A.V., Bukharin,O.V.
Molecular mechanisms of relationships between the host organism and pathogenic enterobacteria

page 27Bukharin,O.V., Nemtseva,N.V.
Enzyme substrate mechanisms of bacteria survival in water biocenoses

page 31Tartakovsky,I.S., Ermolaeva,S.A., Maleev,V.V.
Listeria pathogenicity factors and their role in the pathogenesis and laboratory diagnosis of listeriosis

page 37Samsonova,A.P., Petrov,E.M., Vyshivkina,N.V., Ananyina,Yu.V.
A new methodical approach for Leptospira persistence studies in case of mixed leptospirosis

page 40Pushkareva,V.L.
Experimental evaluation of interactions between Yersinia pestis EV and soil infusoria and the possibility of the prolonged preservation of bacteria in the protozoa cysts

page 44Abramzon,O.M., Elagina,N.N., Kartashova,O.L., Valyshev,A.V., Kirgizova,S.B., Valysheva,I.V., Perunova,N.B.
Characterization of microflora isolated in cases of acute inflammatory pulmonary and pleural diseases

page 47Brudastov,Yu.A., Sborets,T.S., Gritsenko,V.A., Plotnikov,A.O., Brudastov,A.N., Voronov,A.N.
Properties of Staphylococcus aureus in case of the unfavorable course of burn infection

page 51Stadnikov,A.A., Bukharin,O.V., Shevlyuk,I.N., Kartashova,O.L., Kavbyk,L.V., Kozlova,A.N.
Characterization of relationships between pro- and eukaryotic cells under the conditions of intracellular symbiosis of Staphylococcus aureus in the mucosa cells of the respiratory and digestive systems organs in terms of ecology and morphology

page 55Kozlova,A.N., Stadnikov,A.A., Kovbyk,L.V., Shevlyuk,L.N.
Structural and functional reorganization of staphylococci and the pneumatic system following experimental intratracheal introduction of pathogen

page 59Feldman,S.Z., Kagan,Yu.D., Usvyatsov,B.Ya., Parshuta,L.I.
Clinical importance of the persistence factors of infective agents in case of Salmonella infection in children

page 61Cherkasov,S.V., Zibirova,T.M., Sgibova,A.V., Cherkasov,I.V.
Role of the biological properties of vaginal lactobacilli in colonization processes

page 64Valysheva,I.V., Valyshev,A.V., Kartashova,O.L., Chainikova,I.N., Bukharin,O.V.
New method for the determination of the antilactoferrin activity of microorganisms

page 67Zheludkov,M.M., Kulakov,Yu.K., Alekseeva,N.V., Tolmacheva,T.A.
Use of the enzyme immunoassay and the polymerase chain reaction for evaluation of Brucella persistence

page 71Abramzon,O.M., Kirillov,D.A., Pankov,A.S., Perunova,N.B., Elagina,N.N., Valyshev,A.V., Bukharin,O.V.
Modifying action of oxytocin on the biological properties of the causative agents of anaerobic nonclostridial infection

page 74Kirillov,D.A., Chainikova,I.N., Perunova,I.B., Chelpachenko,O.E., Pankov,A.S., Smolyagin,A.I., Valyshev,A.V.
The effect of the polyoxydonium immunomodulator on the biological properties of microorganismst

page 78Tarasevich,A.V., Usvyatsov,B.Ya., Zykova,L.S.
Effect of the gastrointestinal tract secretions on the antilysozyme activity of enterobacteria

page 81Gamova,N.A.
Drug sensitivity of Ureaplasma urealyticum, persisting in patients with chronic inflammatory diseases of the urogenital tract

page 85Valyshev,A.V., Kirillov,D.A., Pankov,A.S., Pruss,V.F., Bukharin,O.V.
Evaluation of the effect of medicines on biological properties of Clostridium difficile

page 88Lebenthal,E., Lebenthal,Y.
Probiotics an important therapeutic concept awaiting validation

page 93Onishchenko,G.G., Dementyeva,L.A.
Spread of virus hepatitis as a threat to national secyrity

Current Articles

page 100Dubrovsky,Yu.A., Emelyanova,L.P.
Epidemiological importance of soil and water reservoirs in the natural foci of cryptosporidiosis

page 104Baronets,N.G.
Vitamin K as a stimulator of microbial growth

page 105Zmushko,E.I., Mitin,Yu.A., Katsalukha,V.V., Sviridov,L.P., Nikolaev,V.P., Starechenko,V.V.
Cytokin inducing and antivirus activity of cyloferon in experimental herpetic infection

page 107Zinkin,V.Yu., Mikhailova,N.A., Khvatov,V.B.
Inhibition effect of thimerosal used as vaccines preservative on the oxygen-dependent metabolism of neutrophil granulocytes

page 110Gendon,Yu.Z.
Development of mucosal influenza inactivated vaccines

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