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page 3Pavlova,I.B., Lenchenko,E.M.
Electron microscopic study of the adhesive properties of bacteria

page 7Shemyakin,I.G., Stepanshina,V.N., Korobova,O.V., Ivanov,I.Yu., Lazarev,A.A., Skaldina,A.A., Levacheva,V.A.
Biological properties of Mycobacterium tuberculosis clinical isolates

Ecology of Microorganisms

page 11Kuznetsov,V.G., Timchenko,N.F.
Interactions of the causative agents of some sapronotic infections in mixed cultures on a solid medium at different temperatures

page 17Didenko,L.V., Konstantinova,N.D., Solokhina,L.V., Pushkareva,V.I., Litvin,V.Yu.
Ultrastructure of Yersinia pseudotuberculosis cells in the process of their reversible transition into the dormant (noncultivable) state in association with blue-green algae


page 23Kartsev,A.D.
Cyclic morbidity in some infections with natural foci in the Russian Federation

page 27Makhnev,M.V.
Epidemic of typhoid fever: specific features of the epidemic process in organized groups

page 32Busuek,G.P., Genchikov,L.A., Shaginian,I.A., Margolina,S.A.
Morbidity in hospital acquired infections among newborns and parturient women at radionuclide contaminated and control territories

Experimental and Clinical Immunology

page 37Nikitina,V.E., Bugaeva,I.O., Ponomareva,E.G., Tikhomirova,E.I., Bogomolova,N.V.
Influence of Azospirillium brasilense lectin on the kinetics of cell populations in mesenterial lymph nodes and the dynamics of the cytokine status of experimental animals

page 42Kuramshin,D.Kh., Tolokonskaya,N.P., Kozhevnikov,V.S., Maltinsky,M.L., Krysov,S.V., Sennikov,S.V., Kozlov,V.A.
Subpopulations of lymphocytes and the level of anti-inflammatory cytokines in the blood of patients with viral hepatitis C and its mixed variant C+B

page 48Maksimov,S.L., Zmyzgova,A.V., Moskaleva,E.Yu., Kizenko,O.A.
Clinical evaluation of the structural characteristics of peripheral blood leukocytes DNA in viral hepatitis B patients

page 52Karalnik,B.V., Denisova,T.G., Grushina,T.A., Tugambaev,T.I.
Analysis of immune response in guinea pigs infected with Brucella melitensis

page 57Poveshchenko,A.F., Perminova,O.M., Dushkin,M.I., Kuznetsov,P.O., Volsky,N.N., Kozlov,V.A.
Influence of modified low-density lipoproteins on humoral immune response and functional activity of macrophages in mice

Microecology and Therapy

page 61Sozinov,A.S., Anikhovskaya,I.A., Bayazitova,L.T., Enaleeva,D.Sh., Zinkevich,O.D., Salakhov,I.M., Tkacheva,S.V., Likhoded,V.G.
Intestinal microflora and concomitant diseases of the gastrointestinal tract in patients with chronic viral hepatitidis A and B

page 64Levanova,L.A., Aleshkin,V.A., Vorobyev,A.A., Afanasyev,S.S., Surikova,E.V., Aleshkin,A.V.
Normal intestinal microflora state in children of preschool age living in the ecologically unfavorable area

Shot Communications

page 68Rodoman,V.E., Maksimov,V.I., Kuzmenko,L.G., Petruk,N.I., Plisov,V.N., Kim,V.V.
Use of lactusan for the correction of microecological intestinal disturbances in children

page 70Peshikova,M.V., Dolgushin,I.I., Rusanova,N.N.
Etiology and structure of infectious complications of cytostatic therapy in children with acute lymphoblast leucosis and non-B-cell non-Hodgkin lymphomas

page 72Abdullaeva,Z.G.
Estimation of the diagnostic value of microtest systems for biochemical identification of vibrios and rapid determination of their groups according to Heibergs

page 73Chervinets,V.M.
Antilysozyme activity and antibiotic resistance of periulcerous zone microflora in patients with gastric and duodenal ulcer

page 76Barsukov,A.K., Ivanov,V.G., Ivanov,G.G., Kuznetsov,A.I., Borodina,Zh.I.
Role of sialic acids in the immune response formation in tick-borne encephalitis

page 78Varteresian,I.I., Gevorkian,Z.U., Sarkisian,N.N., Sedrakian,A.M., Arakelova,K.A., Ktsoyan,Zh.A.
Conjugative plasmids of Salmonella strains resistant to antibiotics

Problem-Solving Papers and Reviews

page 79Bukharin,O.V., Tuigunov,M.M., Zurochka,A.V., Dolgushin,I.I., Gabidullin,Z.G., Sibiryak,S.V., Aznabaev,G.K., Bulgakov,A.K.
Phenomenon of apoptosis in the survival of enterobacteria in the parasite host system

page 84Bondarenko,V.M., Mavzyutov,A.R., Golkocheva Elitza.
Secreted pathogenicity factors of enterobacteria

page 91Markin,V.A., Markov,V.I.
Viral haemorrhagic fevers: evolution of the epidemic potential

page 98Vorobyev,A.A., Podkuiko,V.N., Mikhailov,V.V.
Results of basic and applied investigations on oral immunization against smallpox

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