Cherkassky, B.L.

New infections: myths and reality

Central Research Institute of Epidemiology, Moscow, Russia

New contemporary data about new infectious diseases of XXI century are presented. Data on morbidity and mortality from severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS, atypical pneumonia) and avian influenza are analyzed and compared with World Health Organization data on human influenza. Biologic characteristics of avian influenza virus A/H5N1 are discussed as well as possibility of its human-to-human transmission. Principles of SARS and avian influenza infections transmission as zoonoses are described as well as mechanisms of transmission impeding their ability to infect humans. It has been argued that SARS should be regarded as contagious infection, whereas avian influenza as non-contagious. Features of all stages of epidemic process of these infections are analyzed.
Zh. Mikrobiol. (Moscow), 2007, No. 3, P. 111116