Piven, N.N., Avrorova, I.V., Zhukova, S.I., Drefs, N.M., Lomova, L.V., Proshina, O.B., Alekseev, V.V., Kapliev, V.I.

Phagocytosis of Burkholderia mallei as a criterion for immunogenicity evaluation of its capsular antigens

Research Institute for Plague Control, Volgograd, Russia

Test-system using index of phagocytosis of noncapsulated mutant loaded by one of the several capsular antigenic complexes was developed and used for screening for both immunogenic and protective capsular antigens of B.mallei. Direct correlation between index of phagocytosis, level of delayed-type hypersensivity, and protective effect of capsular antigens has been shown on the model of experimental melioidosis in susceptible white mice, guinea pigs and white rats. Obtained results let to use the developed test-system for initial selection of B.mallei protective capsular antigens and their further study as potential components of preparations for specific prophylaxis of glanders and melioidosis.
Zh. Mikrobiol. (Moscow), 2007, No. 3, P. 8690