Nikolaeva, T.N., Zorina, V.V., Grigoryeva, E.A.

Influence of bacteria of Lactobacillus genera on cytotoxic activity of splenocytes in experimental animals

Gamaleya Research Institute of Microbiology and Epidemiology, Moscow, Russia

Influence of lactobacilli on cytotoxic activity of splenocytes from mice of CBA line was studied in vivo and in vitro (after cultivation of splenocytes with chloroform-killed bacteria, homologous lysates obtained by ultrasound, and with native filtrates). Data on increase of splenocytes cytotoxic functions induced by lactobacilli has been obtained. Mechanisms of lactobacilli-mediated activation of cellular factors of antitumor immunity (cytotoxic lymphocytes and natural killers) were discussed. Information on the ability of cell wall components, cytoplasmic fractions, and substances secreted by lactobacilli to stimulate the immune response of a microorganism is presented.
Zh. Mikrobiol. (Moscow), 2007, No. 3, P. 5357