Karsonova, M.I., Ilinskaya, A.N., Lvov, V.L., Pinegin, B.V.

Changes in functional activity of macrophages caused by the bacterial muramylpeptides

Sechenov Medical Academy, Institute of Immunology, Moscow, Russia

Muramylpeptides from bacteria cell wall are strong stimulators of immune system and phagocytic cells are main effectors. Dimer containing glucoseaminylmuramylpentapeptide (di-GMPP) was obtained from cell wall of Salmonella typhi bacteria. Di-GMPP decrease the phagocytic activity of macrophages obtained from peripheral blood of healthy donors and increase intracellular killing. Also di-GMPP resulted in decrease of expression of macrophages" receptors which play role in phagocytosis (CD16, CD64, CD11b) and detection of bacterial molecular patterns (TLR2, TLR4, CD206), as well as in increase of expression of antigen-presenting (HLA-DR) and costimulatory molecules (CD86, CD40) which involved in formation of immunological synapse and presentation of antigens to T- and B-lymphocytes.
Zh. Mikrobiol. (Moscow), 2007, No. 3, P. 3437