Kravchenko, I.E., Dmitrieva, N.F., Eshchina, A.S., Kirillov, M.Yu., Timofeev, Yu.M.,Briko, N.I.

Genetic characteristic of toxigenicity of group A streptococci cultures isolated from patients with tonsillitis

Kazan State Medical University; Sechenov Moscow Medical Academy; «Lagis» Ltd., Moscow, Russia

Twenty-eight strains of group A streptococci (GAS) isolated from patients with lacunar and fibrinous-necrotic forms of tonsillitis during its 1st or recurrent episode were tested for presence of genes of erythrogenic toxins A, B, C, and F using PCR assay. Obtained results allow to consider that clinical features of the disease (severity, repeatedness, clinical form) can be determined by toxigenicity of GAS. Express identification of S.pyogenes on the basis of detection of erythrogenic toxins genes spe B and spe F (mf) can be used for etiologic confirmation of diagnosis, whereas detection of erythrogenic toxins genes spe A and spe C can be recommended for prediction of the disease’s course.
Zh. Mikrobiol. (Moscow), 2009, No. 1, P. 76—78