Nefedova, V.V., Teterin, V.Yu., Korenberg, E.I., Gorelova, N.B., Vorobyeva, N.N., Frizen, V.I.

Isolation of tick-borne borreliosis agent from blood of patients

Gamaleya Research Institute of Epidemiology and Microbiology, Moscow; City Clinical Hospital for Infectious Diseases No. 1, Perm, Russia

During spring-autumn period of 2006 Borrelia were isolated for the first time in Russia from blood of 79 patients treated in Perm City Clinical Hospital for Infectious Diseases No. 1 with diagnosis «tick- borne borreliosis, manifestive form with migrating erythema, localized stage». Ten primary isolates (12.7% of total seeded samples) were obtained by seeding plasma samples on the BSK medium. Their subsequent identification by polymerase chain reaction-restriction fragments length polymorphism revealed presence of Borrelia garinii NT29 in all patients. Length of sequenced fragment of rrfA-rrlB region was 253 b.p. Seven isolates had 100% and 3 — 99.6% similarity with typical strain NT29 (L30130). Nucleotide sequences of 4 obtained isolates were deposited in GenBank database (No. AM932199 — AM932202). It was proposed that B.garinii NT29 more frequently than other Borrelia species can be an etiologic agent of tick-borne borreliosis not only in Perm region but also in whole Russia.
Zh. Mikrobiol. (Moscow), 2009, No. 1, P. 63—66