Akhmatova, N.K., Kuzmenko, O.M., Gruber, I.M., Donenko, F.V.

Correction of cytostatic-induced immunosupression with staphylococcal vaccine in mice

Mechnikov Research Institute of Vaccines and Sera; Blokhin Russian Oncologic Scientific Center, Moscow, Russia

Studies aimed on evaluation of possibility for correction of cyclophosphan-induced immunosupression in Balb/c mice by using acellular staphylococcal vaccine «Staphylovac» (SV). Cyclophosphan (CP) administered to mice four times with 24 hours intervals decreased levels of T-, B-, T-regulatory (T-reg CD4/CD25/Foxp3) lymphocytes, increased quantity of cells expressing early activation marker CD25 (assessment after 4 hours). Administration of SV alongside with cytostatic does not influenced significantly on characteristics of CP-induced immunosupression at the moment of its assessment. Twenty four hours after administration of CP or SV with CP level of cells expressing CD3 and MHC I continued to decrease as compared with control. Compared with administration of CP only or with control group, SV administered alongside with CP increased expression of MHC II on 38- and 1.8-fold respectively. Levels of CD4, CD25, CD8, and CD19 cells in these groups were already closer to control values that points to the beginning of restoration of some disturbances in mechanisms of immunoregulation. Five days after administration of CP or CP+SV levels of CD3, MHC I, and CD8 lymphocytes significantly increased, although were lower than in the control group in 3.3- and 2.3-fold (CD3), 12- and 4-fold (MHC I), and in 2.8- and 1.8-fold (CD8) respectively. Levels of NK, NKT were higher as compared to control. CP continued to decrease levels of CD4 and CD19 cells and simultaneously increased level of T-regulatory cells, which play key role in suppression of immune response. Administration of SV during CP course corrected levels of cells expressing these markers. It was established that under the influence of SV, cytotoxic potential of NK cells and proliferative activity of lymphocytes were restored.
Zh. Mikrobiol. (Moscow), 2009, No. 1, P. 46—52